The Weekly Photo – August 14, 2011

Anyone that lives in Calgary, Alberta and drives Highway 1a between Calgary and Cochrane may have noticed this scene over the last few weeks. I love this lone tree in a canola field with the mountain backdrop. To get the shot I used my Canon 300mm lens on the Canon Rebel T2i using a polarizer to help remove haze and saturate the colours of the warm light of sunrise. Now if I could just turn off the noise and hum of the constant traffic of this busy highway! Click on the image to see it larger.

©Darwin Wiggett

4 Responses to “The Weekly Photo – August 14, 2011”

  1. Lovely, Darwin. The colors are so very different than one would expect! Beautiful light on the tree and the layering of the field, the tree, the mountains and the sky is perfect.

  2. Very nice Darwin! Love the light on that tree!

  3. I know the tree! Beautiful light and very vibrant image. But did you know the tree looks so lonely in winter?

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