Inspirations – Beate Dalbec

© Beate Dalbec

This image was taken during my visit to Yellowstone National Park in June. One location I was very much looking forward to photographing was Grand Prismatic spring. The afternoon I arrived the weather was still pretty decent and with rain and thunderstorms in the forecast I decided to head straight there. I hiked down Fairy Falls trail and then climbed a hill in order to get a good view from above. No sooner had I reached a good viewpoint, when this herd of bison showed up and proceeded to walk right past Grand Prismatic. It was an incredible sight!!! I barely had time to grab my camera so I would not miss this once in a lifetime moment. I took several images – some close-up with just a few bison and also this one to capture the entire scene. The bison also convey a great sense of scale to show of the size of Grand Prismatic spring.  No sooner had the bison disappeared that the skies darkened and a thunderstorm started. Time to pack up and rush back to my car.

The image was taken with a Canon 5D II, 70 – 200 IS f4, ISO 500 at 200/sec and required only minimal processing. Just the usual sharpening and contrast and it was cropped into a Panoramic. ~ Beate Dalbec

9 Responses to “Inspirations – Beate Dalbec”

  1. WOWZA! What an amazing thing to see AND capture!

  2. Very beautiful art!!!

  3. Great shot! Amazing color as well.

  4. That is a very nice shot. 🙂

  5. Wow! Congratulations on the shot Beate!! It’s truly stunning!!

  6. What a wonderful image. The bison really show scale of Grand Prismatic, well done.

  7. wow… this looks like a painting, amazing!

  8. I said it before and I will say it again Beate. I love this image!

  9. Thank you everyone!

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