The Weekly Photo – August 29, 2011

I use three HDR programs and each has its strengths. In the past I mostly used Photomatix (the most popular HDR program out there). I really like its ‘exposure fusion’ mechanism to create realistic-looking images from high tonal range subjects. Lately I have been using Oloneo’s Photoengine because I find it simpler and faster to use and it gives wonderful realistic-looking results. If I want the grunge, cartoon-look from HDR I will use PhotoMatix. If I want artsy-looking HDR I will use Nik Efex HDR Pro. This latter gives me lots of control over making images that are less grunge and more painterly. I especially like Nik for making old subjects look nostalgic (hint the preset “Granny’s Attic’ is fantastic). The image below is a single exposure photo run through Nik Efex HDR Pro using “Granny’s Attic” with some customization. The original shot was shot hand-held using a Canon G11 point-n-shoot camera. Click on the photo to see a larger version. The original capture is included for comparison.

If you want a 15% discount on any Nik product, just use my name, darwin, as the discount code on checkout.

©Darwin Wiggett

The original single image capture

6 Responses to “The Weekly Photo – August 29, 2011”

  1. Oh now you tell me about the discount code! Laugh! I love Nik Efex!

    It has so much flexibility and such a great range!

  2. Love, love, love Nik products. Their tag line should be Nik – Easy Peasy!

  3. I think hdr is a great choice for this image, it really brings out the different textures in the metal,wood and leather.

  4. Am I the only one to find it surprising that HDR software is now increasing the contrast in images? It’s not really HDR anymore is it… nice results though 🙂

  5. Nice results, Darwin! I like Photomatix myself but don’t play with it as often as I’d like.

  6. Fantastic result, Darwin. I’m not using HDR so much anymore, but Nik Efex looks like they have achieve a great software. Thanks!

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