Fabulous Film Fridays – September 09, 2011

This week Fabulous Film Fridays is hosted over at Samantha’s blog, check it out to see what Sam came up with this week.

Speaking of film camera. a friend, Lee Ann, has a wonderful film camera for sale, a Canon A-1. When I first got into photography this was the camera I most lusted for but was too poor to afford. Lee-Ann also has a couple of nice lenses to go with the camera all at reasonable price. I wanted to buy it but… sanity took over, how many film cameras do I need? If you are interested contact Lee-Ann at lmharder@gmail.com

One Response to “Fabulous Film Fridays – September 09, 2011”

  1. Richard W Crack Says:


    I have just purchased four of your eBooks and had to say this immediately, “I am very impressed!” Your excellent eBooks with their splendid photography has cranked up my enthusiam for my upcoming visit to Jasper by many degrees. Even though I have been visiting Jasper, Banff and the Icefields Parkway off and on for over 40 yeras your books have bolstered my enthusiasm anew.

    BTW I have some information about the eBook site’s contact us link “info@…” led me to a phishing warning. I would send you a screen caputre but I don’t think I can do that through this blog reply structure. I think you should be aware of this as it could negatively impact your otherwise excellent eBook site.

    I would also like to share one of my photos of the Quartzite Rock Pile with you. This is a favourite location of mine and would like to share a photo with you.

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