Inspirations – Translucent Waves by Sarah Fischler

© Sarah Fischler

Translucent Waves.  Falcon Cove, northern Oregon coast.

Canon 5D Mark II, 17-40 mm lens at 17mm
1.3 sec @ f/18  Double-processed RAW file for a darker sky.

Even though this beach doesn’t have any of the dramatic seastacks of other Oregon coast locations, it is quite charming because of the endless cobblestones. It is called Magic Rocks Beach for good reason – the waves rushing over the cobblestones create a mesmerizing sound that coupled with the motion of the waves, makes for a meditative photography experience.  Because the cobblestones are important to the character of this beach, I wanted to capture an image that showed the waves and the rocks interacting in some way.  I especially like this photo because it takes a moment to get a sense of what is actually happening here.

While luck is involved, capturing this translucent look is much harder than it may appear (I know – I have been pursuing an image like this for some time).  The month before this trip, I went on a family vacation and stayed at an unremarkable beach.  Since the waves were the only interesting feature of the area, I got in a week of experimenting with capturing all different kinds of effects based on different kinds of lighting situations and shutter speeds.  I was able to apply all of that practice to finally capture the effect here.

Since posting this image online, I have received a few inquiries as to whether or not this is a Photoshop creation.  It is not – the waves and rocks appear just as they did in the original RAW file.  I did separately process the RAW file for the sky and manually blended it in.  Because the rocks are constantly moving with each wave, properly aligning a graduated filter would have been a challenge, thus necessitating the blend. ~ Sarah Fischler

4 Responses to “Inspirations – Translucent Waves by Sarah Fischler”

  1. Great to see Sarah’s “Translucent Waves” featured here. Little details always show through — the bits of edge highlighting on the wet stones give them an extra sparkle below the wispy veil of the waves. I really enjoy this one…

  2. Nice one… gorgeous..

  3. This is my favorite of yours so far. It has nice open space and dreamy look. It takes some studying. The rocks look a bit like bubbles 🙂

  4. Hi, Sarah. Glad to find your image here. It has been nearly one year since I met you at the Lake O’Hara. Crafting images at locations as much as possible….really impressive photo!

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