Inspirations – Krzysztof Browko

© Krzysztof Browko

Canon 5D + Canon 100-400L 1/13 sec at f/18 ISO 100

The rural countryside, with its rolling lines, is one of my favourite places to be captured. Colourful patches on the soil are caused, most probably, by erosion. This phenomena, so characteristic for this region, is very often mistaken for shadows cast by clouds. Not surprisingly, you can also very often come across some huge machines struggling to climb the rather steep land. With focal length/focus of 100mm or more, you can spot some interesting parts of the landscape and at the same time narrow the perspective. Undulating landscapes of Tuscany or Moravia are perfect for me to get the results I want. ~ Krzysztof Browko


4 Responses to “Inspirations – Krzysztof Browko”

  1. Absolutely stunning. Excellent composition and exposure, and the post processing makes this look loke a master’s painting. Simply awesome.

  2. A stunning image, wow!

  3. Stunning colors and lines. Nice capture of the lights and well processed. Simple yet lovely !

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