Inspirations – Fobia by Heather Ballek

©Heather Ballek

I had the pleasure of being involved in the East vs West competition where photographers from the west and east were given themes with 6 months to get the shot! One of my the themes was phobia’s. We shot this on location with the coffin underground and the villain standing on top of the coffin! With the use of flashlights and loads of bug repellant we managed to nail it around midnight! Voting on both sides took place a few weeks ago and the top 6 from each side were voted on. This competition definitely took me out of my comfort zone and being involved I’ve pushed myself past what I ever thought I could. Amazing learning experience on so many levels! By the way the coffin is under my deck if anyone needs to borrow one! Heather Ballek


2 Responses to “Inspirations – Fobia by Heather Ballek”

  1. Great inspirational shot! Very nice! Makes me wonder how this shot can be done!

  2. Heather, you are amazing! So happy for you that this photo got the top number of votes in the West:)

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