The Canadian Rockies Photo Contest Weekly Winners

Head on over to the How to Photograph the Canadian Rockies Blog to see this week’s winners (I chose three this week because I had a hard time deciding which image I liked best).

The grand prize winner will be announced next week. Here are the finalists:

Week 1: Jeff Lewis

Week 2: Michael James

Week 3: Rick Andrews

Week 4:  Dawn Traverse

Week 5: Pete Jones

Week 6: Karen O’ Grady

Week 7: Scott Dimond

Week 8: Pete Jones

Week 9: Scott Dimond

Week 10: Hiroaki Kobayashi

Week 11: Nigel Roberts

Week12: Hiroaki Kobayashi, Lina Langlois and Ian McGillvrey

Which image do you like best and why? I’ll pass the finalists onto the judges to let them decide. Stay tuned?


8 Responses to “The Canadian Rockies Photo Contest Weekly Winners”

  1. I had a job choosing between week 3, Rick Andrews, Springtime in the Rockies and week 7, a dramatic Tonquin Valley by Scott Dimond, but finally cast my vote for Rick Andrews shot of the two bears because of their intimate nature and the framing by the trees.

  2. The two images I like most are week 7 by Scott Dimond and week 10 by Hiroaki Kobayashi: great composition, colors, light, and natural look. I really have difficult time to chose between the two.
    May I vote for both?

  3. My preference is week 5 by Pete Jones of Mount Rundle. There are many great images in those 10.

  4. My 2 choices were No5 Mt Rundle by Pete Jones & No6. Elbow Falls by Karen O’Grady, ultimaely Pete got my vote. The simplicity of the image, the clean lines, the beautiful tonal range &, despite the subject being solid rock, the hint of sepia lifted the image and gave it a delicate feel. Superb!

  5. I’m honoured, humbled, and frankly, surprised to have Darwin choose one my image as one of these winners. I must say Darwin, I don’t envy you with the task of having to choose between so many great entries. While I’d love to see my own image win of course, I’d have to give my nod to Pete Jones for his image of Mt. Rundle and Two Jack Lake. I love the simplicity of the symmetrical composition and peaceful feel of the image. An elegant and fresh take on a popular scene.

  6. Rick Andrews Says:

    My choice was between Scott Dimond’s Ronquin Valley (week 7) and Hiroaki Kobayashi’s Lake O’Hara Area (week 10). Although both are great images there can be only one, so for me I chose the latter. Coming from the prairie I’m a sucker for mountains and moss and all things green, I also like the composition and subtle lighting in this shot.

  7. Wow..what a tough choice you have ahead of you! Once again thanks for having one of my images as a weekly winner!

    I am pretty sure for me Week 7 by Scott Dimond would be my choice for the winner. The drama of the scene, and knowing what work it takes to get there make it a winner for me. Second up would be Week 5 with Pete Jones, great image!

    Good work everyone!

  8. Tonquin Valley by Scott Dimond (Wk 7). Very dramatic skies, the cool blues offset by the warmer tone of the submerged rocks in the foreground pool. I also recall way back on reading his description of the trip that he didn’t have high expectations for the photos he had taken, yet how many times do we find after a trip that the photos we had high expectations for are “blah” and the real winners come from those that we may have simply quickly set up and shot without putting much “conscious” effort into?

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