Inspirations – Jack Yong

© Jack Yong

  1/250 secs f1.8 at ISO 200

Waking up in the morning with the sun’s ray streaming on my face, I was definitely an opportunity to look for something interesting to shoot. I found some green apples that my mum bought from the market and used it as my subject. As the kitchen window had a decent amount of sunlight, I’ve decided to use it as my light source. I used a wood plank for my background, and placed it on the kitchen table. Since the apple looks rather dull besides its interesting colour, I sprinkled some water over it to add some details and a bit of reflection on it. I used my prime lens, the 50mm f1.8 , with an exposure time of 1/250sec , and a wide aperture f1.8 . I set the ISO to 200 to avoid any harsh grains on the apple.

I processed the image to black and white and a little touch up to give a different perspective view on the apple and also to enhance the beauty of it. ~ Jack Yong



2 Responses to “Inspirations – Jack Yong”

  1. Simplicity at it’s best – well done.

  2. Love the simplicity as well as the contrast.

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