Inspirations – Rarita by Lucie Kout

© Lucie Kout

Canon 5D MKII Canon 24-70 f2,8 L USM at 70mm 1/100sec, f8, ISO 100

Once I went to a dog show to see if we could find the potential parents of our long time planned puppy. The mood was friendly and full of dog cuddling. After the show it turned into a quick photoshoot with one of these lovely dogs – Rarita z Ungeltu. I can only say my thanks to pleasant owners who allowed me to take a few shots of her. You can visit website of this breeding station right here

Now let’s say few words about setup. It would be hard to shoot such a dark fur on a light background so I decided to take it on a very dark background so I could modelate Rarita’s body and face with light bouncing from her hairs. This way was quick solution, giving a good results. We used 2 small softboxes for general modelation and beauty dish to bring the light to head area. 2 small lights would be too little. Unfortunatelly, since this was an accidental photoshoot, our dog model was already tired from all day spending on the show so it all took like 30minutes of preparations and like 15mins of shooting. I got one perfect image and couple of these which were okay enough to be edited.

And postprocessing – I edited a white balance, added contrast and details. I removed dust appearing on fur and lens dirt. Relatively quick edit in general. When you work with such an animal you should expect some lens cleaning laters 🙂 ~ Lucie Kout


2 Responses to “Inspirations – Rarita by Lucie Kout”

  1. The light is wonderful here. Black dogs are NOT easy to photograph. You’ve done an amazing job.

  2. Great shot there!

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