Inspirations – Art Lionse

© Art Lionse

5DII + EF24-105mm f/4L @ 82mm; hand held 1/1000 – f/4  –  ISO800

This picture taken during a short walk in the hills next to Nice, France. I wanted to hike light so I only took my walk-around lens (24-105mm) and did not pick my tripod. This was a time (June) when umbellifers were blooming. Many delightful varieties and shapes where visible; this partly bloomed one showed wonderful geometry typical of umbellifers. The goal of the shot was to highlight the geometry/symmetry and 3D structure, trying to make it more abstract than vegetal. Since I did not have my tripod and the day was windy, I selected settings to allow for high shutter speed to avoid motion blurr. I also wanted to show the 3D of the flower so selected the max aperture of the lens to make a graded bokeh. Metering on the bright top flowers allowed for a dark background and better separation of the flower umbel (the flower was sitting on a long stem which also helped darkening the background).

While taking the picture I thought I was missing my macro lens, but was quite happy with the result given by the zoom lens at max aperture.

Post-processing : increased the blacks with curves in LR3 (for darker background); sharpening in PS CS5 using low pass filter. ~ Art Lionse


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