The Weekly Photo – October 31, 2011

Today I drove my friend David Topping to the airport in a snow storm. On the way home I saw that the Bow River between Calgary and Cochrane was full of fog, crazy cool clouds and the aspen trees were freshly frosted with snow as well. I immediately thought of Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park with its high overviews of the Bow River Valley.  But I had an appointment with the dentist for a ‘tooth emergency’. So… the photos went un-taken and the toothache won out.

I have a photo from the Glenbow Ranch taken in August with fog in the valley to remind me of what I missed today (click on the photo to see a larger version). Sometimes pain trumps photos.

©Darwin Wiggett

Canon Rebel T2i camera, Sigma 17-50mm f2.8 lens (1/4s at f8 at 50mm), Singh-Ray LB warming polarizer and Singh-Ray 2-stop hard-edge grad filter over the sky — image cropped slightly in post.


6 Responses to “The Weekly Photo – October 31, 2011”

  1. Damn teeth! Hope you had a great weekend with SNAP. I had a blast shooting places along the Parkway. Funky weather this weekend – a bit of everything. Found myself making lemonade at times but where would the challenge and the fun be if the sun and clouds played nice on every shoot? Cheers. Pete

  2. Sorry to hear about your tooth Darwin. I have a dentist’s appointment next week and I hate going to the dentist….

    I haven’t heard of this park before but I just googled it and it looks like it’s right between Cochrane and Calgary. I’m going to have to go exploring there one of these days!

  3. Hope the tooth is better! We all know what that is like! 🙂

    Beautiful image. The pastels tones are so soothing!

  4. a beautiful photo from the past, small compensation for a toothache. I found your site through
    the work at the ethereal photographic art show was so diverse and inspirational. it is wonderful to see the Calgary Photographers working together for such great shows.

  5. Wow, eerily beautiful shot! Since I missed seeing the version posted in August, I appreciate the re-post! Great blog!

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