Beyond the Trophy

Samantha and I just got back from the SNAP! Photography Seminars ‘Weekend Workshop’ with John Marriott which, based on the feedback forms was a great success. We had a wonderful group of talented photographers ranging from absolute beginners to semi-pro shooters. Because our location was based in the heart of Banff National Park near Lake Louise it was hard for photographers not to wish for ‘good light’ for the sunrise and sunset shoots. Good light to most of us means richly-coloured skies and warm light skimming across the peaks. Well, the weather did not co-operate with these expectations and we were mostly met with overcast skies.

The problem with expectations is that they blind you to other opportunities which can lead to thrilling images. On the last day of the workshop we all went to Lake Louise at sunrise. Of course, there was no sunrise but instead it was cloudy, then fog rolled in, and then it started to snow. There was some grumbling about the ‘crappy’ light but where some people saw a curse of bad luck, others found inspiration. There really is no such thing as bad light (just bad attitudes ;-)). Below are two images made from the ‘crappy light’ that morning at Lake Louise that show that photographers with an open mind can create amazing images no matter what the conditions.

These two photos were the images that John, Sam and I felt were the most compelling of the weekend (all made in the ‘worst’ light by the way). To us these were refreshing and novel images of Lake Louise. How many more pink alpen-glow images need to be made from here anyway? To see more work by each photographer simply click on their photos. Watch in the future for new workshop offerings from Samantha and myself and new offerings from John Marriott.

©Wojtek Zlobicki

©Rosana Ramos


6 Responses to “Beyond the Trophy”

  1. Two standout phrases here:
    (1) The problem with expectations is that they blind you to other opportunities which can lead to thrilling images. (2) There really is no such thing as bad light (just bad attitudes).

    An excellent article. I will try to keep these phrases as my daily mantra because I do sometimes lose my objective when the subject isn’t what I imagined it to be.

  2. I really like both images! “Bad light” be damned! 😉

  3. Great images, and great commentary. I heartily agree! Thanks for posting, Darwin.

  4. Veronica Barrett Says:

    You’re right Darwin! Some of my favourite images come from a trip to Norfolk, England, which was fog or mist-bound for the whole time except the day we left!!! Fog creates such great atmosphere.

  5. Love these misty visions! When the obvious gets taken away, there’s a chance to do something really distinctive, instead…

  6. I’ve been on an extended photo trip and while I didn’t have any expectations, I have for sure provided my fair share of weather complaining. Over a week of perfectly clear blue skies was becoming frustrating. As punishment, mother nature gave me a snow storm so thick that I couldn’t see anything but a sheet of white.

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