Canadian Rockies Fall Photo Tour Results – John Deines

Below are the six favorite pictures from John Deines on the Fall 2011 Photo Tour.

Photo by John Deines

Allstones Creek gave us opportunities in landscapes and macros.  Here, I present the image of a cliff which shows a vertical pattern of alternating layers of rock.  I was impressed with different rates of erosion between the brown and gray layers and the darker or black layers.  Splashes of green show the life that clings to the steep fins.  Canon 50D, 24-105 f/4L, 100 ISO, 55mm, 0.6s, f/11.

Photo by John Deines

Sunrise on a somewhat windy morning on Abraham Lake presented a beautiful sky of red and dark clouds.  I chose to keep the mountains in silhouette to preserve the intensity of the sky and light painted the blowing grasses in front of the camera to provide some foreground.  The four second exposure smoothed the lake waters somewhat.  Canon 50D, 10-22 EFS, 200 ISO, 22mm, 4s, f/22.

Photo by John Deines

As we waited at Preachers Point, a set of vaguely lenticular clouds caught the gold and pink rays of the setting sun.  The wild grasses on the near shore provided a nice foreground and the sprinkle of yellow-gold trees on the distant shore provide some mid-range interest.  Canon 50D, 10-22 EFS, 200 ISO, 22mm, 1.3s, f/22.

Photo by John Deines

The Nordegg Mine site was a treasure trove of images.  One image that represented to me the past life of the mine and the impact of machinery on the process of mining coal was this set of three gears balanced in the grass.  A little post processing to blur out or vignette the edges of the frame amplify the focus of the image.  Canon Powershot G12, 80 ISO, 11mm, 1/100s, f/4.

Photo by John Deines

Upper Waterfowl Lake presented us with the rising sun behind us, trying to illuminate the peaks through a heavy mist.  My early frames such as this one, showed color in the mountain tops and reflections, through the thickening mist which almost obscured the forested shoreline across the lake.  Canon 50D, 10-22 EFS, 400 ISO, 14mm, 1s, f/22.

Photo by John Deines

This boat dock on Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park, BC, provided some nice color and pattern leading to the emerald colored water beyond.  Canon 50D, 10-22 EFS, 100 ISO, 13mm, 5s, f/16.

One Response to “Canadian Rockies Fall Photo Tour Results – John Deines”

  1. John, Great images! They bring back good memories. I especially like the 2nd one … the light painting turned out very well!

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