Canadian Rockies Fall Photo Tour Results – Catherine Byram (AKA The Border Collie).

When Catherine, Darwin’s assistant, wasn’t running around trying to herd all the participants to a designated spot,  or wasn’t busy collecting lunch garbage, headed for the recycle bin at Aurum Lodge, she did manage to take a few photos. Below are the six favorite pictures from Catherine Byram on the Fall 2011 Photo Tour.

Photo by Catherine Byram

 Abraham Lake

Near Nordegg Alberta

Photo by Catherine Byram

 Misty Morning at Waterfowl Lake

Photo by Catherine Byram

Forest fire area near Abraham Lake

©Catherine Byram

Garden Path at Nordegg Mine Site

Photo by Catherine Byram

  Exposed tree roots on a well used path at Waterfowl Lake.

Photo by Catherine Byram

Sunset at Reflecting Ponds


9 Responses to “Canadian Rockies Fall Photo Tour Results – Catherine Byram (AKA The Border Collie).”

  1. Great scenery, Catherine. I love the second photo for the atmosphere, really beautiful. And I like also the third photo, the texture is judiciously highlighted, wonderful work. 🙂

  2. Misty Morning at Waterfowl Lake is an absolutely gorgeous image! Massive thumbs up to you! 🙂

  3. Hi Catherine! These are really nice images! Great work 🙂

  4. I agree with anne…the second and third shots are breath taking!

  5. Nice work Catherine … I like the 2nd one best … and I enjoyed shooting with you that week!

  6. It seems that either the adjudicator of images for this blog or the photographers who submit images all see the world the same way, month after month..It is frankly hard to see the difference of one author from another. There are other ways of seeing the world other than the technically adept but really old fashioned and frankly boring view of this great nation…Sorry but that is what I see time after time. How about joining the 21st century image making and skip the ooogah ooogah HDR and such cliche’s

  7. It’s always hard to put your images ‘out there’ so kudos to everyone who attends workshops to learn or improve their photography and then is brave enough to share their work on their instructor/tour leader’s website. Neil, I think you hint at an interesting topic in photography (artistic growth and pursuit of one’s own creative vision?) but your delivery…well, it sucks.

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