Inspirations – Stefano Ronchi

© Stefano Ronchi

I had never managed to photograph a fox.  I have always been fascinated by his being cunning and reserved. I had met her sometimes, a look, a noise, an escape. Just enough time to take up the camera and the fox was already gone to safer places. So I decided to start a photographic safari, I only wanted to take her a picture with her “winter coat” in order to capture the wonderful figure with her most beautiful colors, when the harsh winter weather increases her hair and makes her look like a teddy bear. Early in the morning I put on her trail in the park of the Gran Paradiso. Finally, after six hours of walking, I can see her in the valley that goes back at her lair. I followed her, trying not to scare her. She sees me, but It seems not to have fears and she let me go with her. It was really exciting to share with her two hours, standing three meters away in complete harmony and with deep respect. As a used model lent herself to the objective of the camera and I could photograph her in all possible ways. Unfortunately the light was too direct, with the sun that drew her silhouette, making silver her features.  This is why I chose to underexpose the photograph so that the features were the only visible part. When I returned home I only exacerbated the part in “black” in post-production getting this result. ~ Stefano Ronchi

3 Responses to “Inspirations – Stefano Ronchi”

  1. Love the story of how you achievefd this spectacular shot! What a wondeful moment you and the fox shared!

  2. I thought this was kid’s head and shoulder, and then I thought this was fox taken at studio. Wow, great story and super cool shot.

  3. Truly brilliant image – very inspiring – thanks for the link…

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