Inspirations – Bluebell Sunrise by Antony Spencer

© Antony Spencer

The image was made in a Beech woodland in the U.K in an area it has taken me a few years to locate. I would walk through these vast woodlands each spring trying desperately to locate a section where the forest floor was uncluttered, the bluebells were dense providing a decent colourful display and also where the early morning light would break through the trees and illuminate sections whilst leaving others in shadow.

When I finally worked out the location it took another year to to get a subtle mist just to help with the highlights a little also and add to the atmosphere I wanted to create.

The image was made on a canon 1dsmkiii using an old Contax/Yashica mount Zeiss 35-70 lens. The micro contrast of this particular lens is phenomenal, perfect for a detailed image like this.

I absolutely love our British woodlands in the spring when these beautiful colourful bluebells transform the forest floor into a sea of purple and blue. One of the most amazing natural events to capture and one I will continue to work at for many years to come. ~ Antony Spencer


4 Responses to “Inspirations – Bluebell Sunrise by Antony Spencer”

  1. Magical setting! Love the simplicity and the light!

  2. with the result you got, I must say it was certainly well worth the effort!! I can appreciate what you tell of the hunt for the perfect location and perfect moment … I still don’t have my perfect woodland bluebell shot though it’s been on my agenda for quite some time 😉

  3. Wonderful photograph, makes me quite homesick. I just hope those woodlands are protected for all time, I believe that woods like these have been left undisturbed for several hundred years in order to get such a dense growth of bluebells. I grew up in Mid Wales but now live in S Oregon, similar terrain, but no bluebells.

  4. Breathtaking! Love the composition and the beautiful light!

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