Fabulous Film Fridays – November 25, 2011

Alberta recently passed a distracted driving law where you not supposed to text, put on make-up, or sketch while driving. I looked carefully at the regulations and there was nothing there about using a Holga while driving (but electronic cameras are banned – yeah for film!). So last time I went into Banff National Park I pulled out the Holga at nearly 100 KMPH (check the speedometre in the photo) and snapped this shot of Cascade Mountain from the Trans Canada Highway (as you can see the road was empty so who was I distracting anyway?). Safety first though; I was wearing my hard hat and steel-toed boots while doing this dangerous exercise (and I did put my coffee down before snapping the shot)! 😉

©Darwin Wiggett - Holga GN120, Fuji NPH400 film


12 Responses to “Fabulous Film Fridays – November 25, 2011”

  1. At least your “eye” was on the road. I look through lenses,…I mean glasses all the time while driving.

    Daring x 1000….I’d give you the Darwin Award for this one for sure! :^)

  2. Bad boy, bad boy, watcha gonner do when they come for you!

  3. Jacques Mercier Says:

    I wish no policeman comes to appreciate this blog. I swear I Won’t tell .

  4. Wow!

    I’ve run two rolls through my Holga and come up with absolutely nothing in focus or well-composed. I don’t know how you do it.

    • There is a lot of variability in Holga’s, this particular one is pretty sharp in the centre. Also I have about 25 years of experience with film exposure so I know pretty intuitively how to get good exposures with this media.

      • wait wait…you actually control the exposure on your Holga? 🙂

      • Yes Craig, of course you have the sunny and shady exposure setting on the Holga, plus you have the choice of which ISO of film you stick in the camera. Plus I will sometimes use a polarizer or ND filter of different strengths to alter the exposure. Finally for exposures in dim light (longer than say 0.5s) you can stick the camera on bulb and alter the exposure.

  5. Isn’t the speed limit along that stretch 80 or 90?

    • Hi Len, the speed limit there is 90 KMPH. IF you magnify the photo you’ll see that speedometre says about 93 0r 94KM per hour. My speedometre is off by exactly 3 km (it registers over by 3). I always set my speed to about 3km over and use cruise control, which I did here. So I am actually going the speed limit. As an aside in 34 years of driving I have never had a speeding ticket (those who know me are usually annoyed that I follow speed limits almost religiously). Actually I often get teased about being a ‘slow’ driver (or maybe just because I am ‘slow’ in general 😉

      • Nobody has ever accused you of being a “speedy” driver Darwin. I know when you are on the hunt for shooting spots, your road speed drops! 😉

  6. Looks like successful Magical Mystery tour, Darwin. Good point, electronic cameras are not allowed, but no mention about mechanical devices. I like your sarcastic mischief.

  7. Fantastic capture!

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