Fire and Ice Photo Tour Results – Royce Howland

Below are Royce Howland’s six favorite photos from the Fire and Ice Photo Tour.

All photographs were taken with a Panasonic LX-5 point & shoot camera at a wide aperture, usually f/2.8. I pressed the camera lens right to the surface of the ice, as close as I could get to the features buried within, and used a small pocket LED flashlight for selective lighting. Each final image was developed with HDR processing (using Oloneo PhotoEngine) from 2 – 3 bracketed exposures, followed by finishing work in Photoshop for additional contrast & color.

©Royce Howland

©Royce Howland

©Royce Howland

©Royce Howland

©Royce Howland

©Royce Howland


11 Responses to “Fire and Ice Photo Tour Results – Royce Howland”

  1. Such gorgeous art!

  2. Wild…in a good way. I like them.

  3. Thanks for the comments, everyone! I wanted to do something different with the ice here this time around. It was the most fun I’ve had laying flat out on a freezing surface in, oh, forever. The last time I was flat due to ice, I fractured some ribs… 🙂

  4. […] at Darwin Wiggett’s blog, 6 of my images from his recent Fire & Ice photo tour have just been posted. If you like the […]

  5. great idea, using the flashlight and getting close to the surface-beautiful images

  6. Very interesting images. I like them.

  7. Like Darwin, I’m a big believer in carrying around a pocket camera. It can be used much more fluidly in situations that are hard or impossible with a big rig on the tripod. Since my little LX-5 can focus amazingly close to subjects, I also carry a pocket flashlight most of the time for situations when a little extra light can add sparkle.

  8. Cool! Literally!! ;^) Nice series!

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