Fire and Ice Photo Tour Results – Roger Raepple

Below are Roger Raepple’s favorites form the Fire and Ice Tour:

©Roger Raepple

©Roger Raepple

©Roger Raepple

©Roger Raepple

©Roger Raepple

©Roger Raepple



6 Responses to “Fire and Ice Photo Tour Results – Roger Raepple”

  1. Wonderful! A very nice collection and a welcome departure to the typical compositions displayed here. Bravo! 🙂

  2. Mary Alston Says:

    Wow! These are beautiful and unique. The curvy tree and the sepia landscape are my favorites.

  3. Cracking good set, Roger! Very distinctive, including a great view of my favorite tree at Horseshoe Lake… 🙂

  4. Each photo has very different approaches and concepts. Plus all images are so unique. Encourage me to get out and shoot even in cold winter morning. Thank you.

  5. Very Nice Roger, an excellent set of diverse images!

  6. Just as when we photographed in Death Valley, you have displayed a fine understanding of how to make a big impact with with just a few visual components. The image of the curved pine tree at Horseshoe Lake is a near-perfect example of centering an image where it works, visually. I also like how you do not always confine your images to the standard 4×6 size. A very fine effort. Sure hope to see more! Keep me informed.

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