I oopoomoo, do you?

Today is the official release date of oopoomoo! This is a new website that Samantha and I put together that is the one-stop shop for everything Sam and Dar. But it will be more than just a photography site, or a place to get eBooks or workshops. The concept behind oopoomoo relates more to our attitude towards life. Life is short:  why not just do the things you love and live a balanced healthy lifestyle? Why not give back a little instead of always taking? Why not live a little softer on the planet? Why not have fun and smile a lot? Well, oopoomoo is our attempt to live that kind of life. We are photographers and photography instructors and we love our work. But we also love nature, hiking, eating, drinking, art, music and, in short, life. We want oopoomoo to reflect our passion about these things, and we want to share our passion for living well with the world. We would love to have you come along!

Ultimately we will be ending all our other websites so we can concentrate on oopoomoo and all the fun and meaningful projects we hope to engage in. So we will stop posting on our personal blogs (both this blog and Sam’s blog will finish at the end of the this year). Ultimately we will also end our personal websites and have everything we do happen at oopoomoo.

Finally, over at oopoomoo we decided affiliates and sponsorships wasn’t our thing.  We’ll let others continue on with these kinds of partnerships because they are good at them! We find our time is pretty much taken up trying to live our new philosophy on life.

Drop by oopoomoo and let us know what you think and stay tuned for all sorts of interesting posts on photography and life!

Darwin and Sam


12 Responses to “I oopoomoo, do you?”

  1. Silly (but fun!) name, and a great idea! A great way to share all your passions. Good luck in this new venture.

  2. Layton Fisher Says:

    Hey Darwin , Hey Sam

    What a lovely and gentle and humanizing idea.
    Great good fortune and good fotos to you both.


  3. I love the new Oopoomoo website and I’m sure streamlining your web presence will help keep you off of the computer and out in the field!

  4. Looks great Darwin and Sam. Looking forward to the venture, will update my bookmarks 🙂

  5. Love the new site Darwin. I’ll have to explore it a little better once I have more time. The layout is very clean and easy to navigate, great job.

  6. There must be some significance to the choice of name since it is so unusual. Care to explain the origins of the name. sorry just had to ask.

  7. michael matthews Says:

    Well, OK.

    But for crying out loud, don’t kill off darwinwiggett.com.

    Oopoomoo may bring along a substantial number of readers who already follow this blog, but it does not appear to be much of a magnet for recruiting new audience interested in photography.

    You can still benefit from maintaining a site which is specifically a photo gallery — and which also offers books, workshops, seminars and tours.

    A picture is worth…..how many words?

    Hold on to the basic site which puts them up front, where they belong.

  8. I have no idea whose dad it was but he is amazingly funny! You should ask him to do more videos with you, not that you guys aren’t funny, but he’s an ace 🙂

    Please don’t delete this blog or at least transfer your posts as I still search for some older stuff with great info I can need and now is on here.

  9. Andrea Joevenazzo Says:

    My kids and I watched the you tube video when it first was released. We got such a kick out it. This Christmas we were up in Cold Lake with my husband’s family. I hear my two kids in the kitchen recreating the video and laughing so hard while doing it. They did such a great job for being 6 and 8! My relatives had NO idea and thought the kids just had too much sugar, so I had to let them know it was not the sugar but the influenece of two amazing photographers:) I heard them again saying it to their Granny and 2 month old cousin! Granny asked if it was a name of a new toy (she was not around for my explanation), and after they laughed thinking, “Who doesn’t know this?”, they proceeded to explain it was a new name for a photography “place” they called it, and that they knew the photographers! So thanks for the ongoing entertainment:)

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