Weekly Photo – December 12, 2011

©Darwin Wiggett - click to view larger

This little fellow (a Hawk Owl) watched us from his wee perch in Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park near Cochrane the other day. This little fellow and a Great Horned Owl are hanging around the park and seem very approachable. The good thing about Hawk Owls is they are active during the day.  I am not really a wildlife photographer but I did have my Sigma 70-200mm lens that day and snapped this ‘environmental portrait’ at 200mm. If you want to learn more about the photography in the park be sure to sign up for our Twoonie Talk: Winter Photography in Glenbow Ranch Provinical Park which will be held in Cochrane on Jan. 21st, 2012


One Response to “Weekly Photo – December 12, 2011”

  1. My friend Heather Simonds was really envious of this photo. Sounds like Hawk Owl is pretty rare spicies.

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