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Fabulous Film Fridays – February 11, 2011

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This week Fabulous Film Fridays is over at Sam’s Rant – who knows what she will be ranting about this week ūüėČ

I am not worried though, I haven’t bought any new camera gear for quite awhile!

©Darwin Wiggett

Samantha photographed with the ailing Polaroid SX-70 camera using Impossible instant film

Smibs TV – Landscape Mastery

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For those who missed the live version of the show, Smibs Fine Art Photography Weekly episode 26 featuring Michael Gordon and me on the topic: Landscape Mastery is now on-line for replay or download – click here to see the episode. Warning — this episode is an an hour and a half long — hell, I can’t even stand to be around myself that long so if anyone watches the whole thing, they deserve an award! Well… your reward will be the nuggets that Michael Gordon offers; there are some good lessons to be learned in his wisdom.


©Darwin Wiggett

Fabulous Film Fridays – February 4, 2011

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Samantha and I have discovered a major drawback of sharing¬† our film cameras. Often we can’t remember who actually took a particular photo on a roll of film especially when we shoot the same subject with the same camera. For example, we both shot photos of an old car in a snowstorm. Sam used Beep, her Holga (and she has the pictures to prove it) but she also used Linny the Linhof to compose some photos (the evidence for that fact will be presented below). I had my Canon G11 digital camera (and I have photos to prove it) and I also used Linny to make a panoramic photo of the old car (or at least I think I did).

Anyway when we got the film developed from the Linhof, there was one photo of the old car – just one. I quickly claimed the image. Here it is:

©Darwin Wiggett (well I think)...

And so, I filed the image (shot on Fujichrome Velvia 50 slide film) into my film binder. Done.

But wait… when processing my G11 images later, I found this little video that I made. Guess who is shooting the car with the Linhof?

Well… when Samantha saw this video, the conversation went something like this:

Samantha: Hey, where is my photo from the Linhof?

Darwin: (silence…his brain is working hard to understand the question.)

Samantha: Well?

Darwin: Whoops… I must have it in my film binder.¬† I thought it was my shot. I guess I accidentally stole your photo. I’ll go get it for you.

Samantha: Good, I’ll post it on Fabulous Film Fridays as a warning to others to guard their film. And by the way, you always get the title of our project wrong, it is Fabulous Film Fridays, not Fantastic Film Fridays like you say in the video.

(sidebar): Sam goes to post the January 31st Fabulous Film Fridays blog using the old car photo and the video as evidence that Darwin is a stealer of images. She re-watches the video and notices that the angle of her composition of the old car is very different from the developed photo above. She concludes she probably did not make the image.

Samantha: Hey Darwin, this keeps getting weirder.  I think that was your image after all!  But then where is my photo from the angle we see in the video?

Darwin: Well there were some blank slides, maybe you forgot to pull the dark slide and so had unexposed frames.

(At this point Samantha gave Darwin a pointed look.¬† She’s never forgotten to pull out the dark slide, whereas Darwin admits to taking rolls of film without taking out the dark slide.¬† Darwin thinks:¬† Maybe that wasn’t the right thing to say.)

Darwin: (silence)… Well maybe we lost a roll of film?

Samantha: No, the stuff we shot before and immediately after the car is on the same roll.

Darwin: Right. Maybe you composed the photo and because the angle was so tight, you did not like the comp and so you didn’t make a¬† photo?

Samantha: Maybe….

Darwin: Well… so we think the old car photo is now mine? (he asks hopefully). If so, then I will make a B+W version from the scan just for fun.

Samantha: Yes, you can have it.¬† It’s pretty good, but you may want to take a closer look at my Composition and Design eBook for a few tips!

©Darwin Wiggett (by default and reluctant agreement)


Secrets about Varina Patel

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Samantha has done some deep investigative reporting and has come up with some dirt on Varina Patel (famed photographer, mother to Jay Patel… ūüėČ and six children).

Check out this blog post to learn more.

Speaking of Varina and Jay Patel check out their wonderful FREE new eBook on Photo workshops… it shows just how much fun you can have if you spend some time with Varina and Jay.

On Working Together

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In 2010, Samantha and I worked together on a number of collaborative ventures. We found we made a great team and this year we are planning a whole lot more things to do together. Who says couples can’t successfully combine work and love? To see just how great we get along watch the video below:

Michael Gordon and Darwin Wiggett on Smibs TV

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Today at 2:30 MST¬† (Jan 18) fine art photographer Michael Gordon and yours truly (beer and bathroom photographer) will be on Smibs TV – Fine Art Photography Weekly for a chat about well… who knows?? Actually I wonder why I am on a fine art photography show? Maybe I’ll be straight man for Michael Gordon’s wicked sense of humor.¬† When Michael Gordon is involved, things tend to go in directions that are on no map. Check it out here or watch it a later date (if it’s not censored and if I survive!).

For a taste of Mr. Gordon watch this:

Fabulous Film Fridays – Jan 14, 2011

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This week it’s Sam’s turn to show off an image she made using film. Her post is her very first image made with Tachihara Tim (her 4×5 view camera). Sam had quite an adventure learning how to use the 4×5 view camera (read about it here) and I helped her by donating a sweat-stained shirt to use as a dark cloth. What a nice guy eh? Anyway for posterity, here is Sam hard at work getting some fresh air and making her first 4×5 view camera photo.

Sam showing us how to use a 4×5 view camera


Fabulous Film Fridays – January 7, 2011

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Below is the first image in the Fabulous Film Friday project for 2011. Sam told me I had to go first because I lost the bet about the colour of her Holga. I also have to do the dishes and wash the toilets for one month for losing the bet. Thanks to everyone for disagreeing with me!

©Darwin Wiggett - Holga 120N Ilford XP-2 Super 400 film

I took this shot of the ski trail on the old 1A highway near Lake Louise with Bop, my Holga camera. I used Ilford XP-2 400 speed film which is a black-n-white film that is processed in colour print chemistry (so you can take it to any one-hour lab for processing). Holgas have plastic lenses that vignette strongly but the effect is really retro and cool. There are two options to transfer the film to digital form: one is to get a print made by the photo lab and then just use your digital camera to make a copy photo; the other way is to use a film scanner to scan the negative (I did the latter). Once I scanned the negative I did a minor curves adjustment and added a sepia tinge to the photo to enhance the old time feel of the image. Next week Sam will present her first film photo (probably of me cleaning toilets).

Oh and by the way, I need to mention a quick update to the Fabulous Film Fridays project. In our first post we showed our eight film cameras. Well … there has been an addition (or two) to the project. I felt bad that Sexy, my leather-clad Polaroid SX-70 was dying a slow death, so I thought I would retire her and pick up a new instant film camera. I dropped by The Camera Store and soon fell into the clutches of Jim Slobodian. Before I knew it, I had picked up a Fuji Instax 210 wide format instant camera. It is very funky and so fun to use! Like a digital camera but one that spits out prints.

While at The Camera Store I made the mistake of wandering over to the used camera section where I found beckoning to me a mint condition Fuji GA645 Pro medium format camera. This is essentially an auto-focus point-n-shoot digital camera that takes medium format film and produces killer sharp images. I used to own one of these but killed it during a fall down a cliff. I was OK, the camera wasn’t. And here was a shiny one smiling at me? And the price was so low… well, I had to take it home as well.


©Darwin Wiggett

Then I had to break the news to Sam.

Darwin: Hey Sam!!¬† Check out what I just bought for a song at The Camera Store. It’s friggin’ awesome! We can use it for our Fabulous Film Fridays project.

Samantha: You bought another camera? Don’t you think eight bodies are enough for the project?

Darwin: Yeah but this is a different tool!¬† It does stuff better than the other cameras — trust me, you’ll love it!

Samantha: If I ever get to use it.

Darwin: Well, there is also a surprise in the office.

Samantha: Surprise?

Darwin: Let’s go check it out.

Samantha (in the office): You bought another camera?

Darwin: Yeah, to replace Sexy.¬† She’s almost dead you know.

Samantha: I see you have taken plenty of time to grieve.

Darwin: Look!¬† This new camera uses instant film; we can watch the film develop right before our eyes — just like in the 70’s!

Samantha: The 70’s? They had cameras then?

Darwin: Har, Har!

Samantha: So I guess this camera is for me, then?

Darwin: Well… umm, it’s for our project.

Samantha: So, you bought two cameras for yourself.

Darwin: You can use them whenever you want!

Samantha: This project may not have been the best idea after all….



The Many Faces of Samantha

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Back in March Samantha and I went into the studio with Scott Dimond to play with Scott’s ring flash. Samantha provided the entertainment. Face number 5 is the face I see whenever I leave the toilet seat up!

©Darwin Wiggett