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Weekly Photo – July 16

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©Darwin Wiggett

This was one strange storm cloud over Airdrie, Alberta. I photographed this cloud earlier in the evening and posted it as a Daily Snap. We saw this towering cloud at home in Cochrane and drove Northeast towards Airdrie looking for a foreground to show the scale of the cloud. We found this line of trees just as the cloud was lighting up at sunset. I shot this with a Canon Rebel T2i and a Tamron 17-50mm lens and a Singh-Ray LB colour combo warming polarizing filter on my Gitzo 2542L tripod.

The Daily Snap – July 13

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©Darwin Wiggett - Canon G11

Typically storms come through the area and bypass Cochrane (where we live) and head straight to Airdrie and Northwest Calgary and pound the hell out of those regions. Last night we saw some typical big thunder heads developing in the usual spots and so we headed to capture the action. This was our first stop and a captured the big towering cloud in the background with the Canon G11. I used a Gitzo 2542L tripod and did three shots bracketed at 0, -2 and +2 to capture information across the contrasty scene. In post, I used Photomatix’s Exposure Fusion to blend back the three exposures into a scene the way my eye saw it. Later as the sun was lighting up the cloud at sunset I pulled out the big gun of a camera (the Canon Rebel T2i) and took some more shots. 😉