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Inspirations – Thomas Sivilay

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© Thomas Sivilay

1/320s, f/4.0, ISO 160 – with a CANON 50D and SIGMA 10-20mm

This shot was taken at the World Exposition in Shanghai in 2010. It’s one of the many structures at the Exposition, but it’s maybe the first one you will see if you take the subway. So it was my first shot for this long day, and I was at the bottom of the structure. I used an ultra-wide angle, but I’ve re-sized it to have this Fibonacci number composition. There is also a contrast between lines/triangle and curves. ~ Thomas Sivilay


The Daily Snap – October 6

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©Darwin Wiggett

The old boarding house, Nordegg, Alberta. If you want to get shots of some neat old buildings just drive into Nordegg and keep on going until you hit the old townsite and there you will be treated to some really cool buildings that you can play with. This is an overview image shot with the Canon G11 and showing just one building and its surroundings (this is an HDR of course). This old boarding house has a few broken windows and for the photographer who takes time to see there are some hidden gems to be found here. Check out the photo below taken by photo tour participant Carlos Esguerra; here we see an abstract detail of one of the windows. Great work Carlos! To see more of Carlo’s fantastic work be sure to visit his website. Thanks for the inspiration Carlos!

©Carlos Esguerra

Travel Photo Contest – Matthew Garsteck

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Matthew Garsteck

©Matthew Garsteck

This image is taken in Hollywood California. Why I thought this was a great image for the contest is because I wanted to step outside of the cliche/typical theme for travel photography. Sure I could have taken pictures of the Hollywood sign but I really wanted to capture the essence of what its like to enter a new city and you aren’t used to seeing such tall buildings. In fact it can be overwhelming in many ways, which is why I chose the composition and I did the edit the way I did (HDR).

Travel Photo Contest – Jim Dobie

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Jim Dobie

©Jim Dobie

This photo was taken in Paris during the summer of 2006. We had stopped for lunch and while my wife was planning the afternoon’s activities I noticed this rather casual collection of building materials serving duty as the weather protection system atop this clunker of a building. It’s a roofing contractors nightmare and no less of one for the people living beneath I would imagine. No doubt there are many hours spent emptying the buckets when it rains. Or maybe no one worries to much about it, opting instead to just have another glass of wine as the puddles deepen – Parisians can be like that and I find it rather charming.

Travel Photo Contest – Antonio Pintus

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Antonio Pintus

©Antonio Pintus

The photo was taken in Brasilia (Brazil) on march 2010 during a travel in that country. It is the Nationl Museum designed by Oscar Niemeyer. I’ve taken the photo using my Canon XSi and the light 18-55 IS lens and I’ve thought to represent well the amazing architecture of the city and its really futuristic museum building. I wanted to compose a spacial view of it using the contrast between tha fantastic blue of the sky and the white of the structure.

Travel Photo Contest – Mac Dy

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Mac Dy

©Mac Dy

During our recent trip to Taipei, Taiwan it rained most of the time and clouds obscured the top half of the building. Right after dinner one night, the sky cleared up just enough for me to grab the tripod for a quick shot of the Taipei 101.

The 101 can be seen throughout the city as it dwarfs all the other buildings. It is as much a tourist attraction as it is an architectural wonder that represents the ongoing modernization of Taipei. Rather than going up to a higher elevation to shoot a sweeping landscape I choose to present the 101 in a view that most people see but take for granted already.

Canon 50D + EF24-70 f/2.8@42mm, f/5.6, 8 secs, ISO 100, tripod, 10 sec timer (forgot to grab the remote), April 2010

Travel Photo Contest – Mike Pereira

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Mike Pereira

©Mike Pereira

There were only had 2 short, rainy days when my friend Scott and I met up with our wives in Boston, but for me that was more than enough to fall in love with the city. What an amazing place to be! Such a great mix of history, culture, architecture, scholarship, and, of course, food! For me this photo reflects those characteristics of an old port town like Boston, right out of the days of Melville. But the image also evokes a victorian, gothic feeling in me – the old clock tower shrouded in fog and rain, a source of deep mysteries.