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Beyond the Trophy

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Samantha and I just got back from the SNAP! Photography Seminars ‘Weekend Workshop’ with John Marriott which, based on the feedback forms was a great success. We had a wonderful group of talented photographers ranging from absolute beginners to semi-pro shooters. Because our location was based in the heart of Banff National Park near Lake Louise it was hard for photographers not to wish for ‘good light’ for the sunrise and sunset shoots. Good light to most of us means richly-coloured skies and warm light skimming across the peaks. Well, the weather did not co-operate with these expectations and we were mostly met with overcast skies.

The problem with expectations is that they blind you to other opportunities which can lead to thrilling images. On the last day of the workshop we all went to Lake Louise at sunrise. Of course, there was no sunrise but instead it was cloudy, then fog rolled in, and then it started to snow. There was some grumbling about the ‘crappy’ light but where some people saw a curse of bad luck, others found inspiration. There really is no such thing as bad light (just bad attitudes ;-)). Below are two images made from the ‘crappy light’ that morning at Lake Louise that show that photographers with an open mind can create amazing images no matter what the conditions.

These two photos were the images that John, Sam and I felt were the most compelling of the weekend (all made in the ‘worst’ light by the way). To us these were refreshing and novel images of Lake Louise. How many more pink alpen-glow images need to be made from here anyway? To see more work by each photographer simply click on their photos. Watch in the future for new workshop offerings from Samantha and myself and new offerings from John Marriott.

©Wojtek Zlobicki

©Rosana Ramos


2011 Tours and Workshops – Something for Everyone

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Below is a listing of tours and workshops available for 2011 and into 2012. Their are only a few spots left in these events so if you want to boost your learning in photography then come join us for a great time:

Fire and Ice Photo Tour – November 10 – 13, 2011

This event is sold out but to be added to the wait list contact the Aurum Lodge or sign up for the 2012 photo tour. This is one of my favorite tours because of the short days with great light and the intersection of new ice with the fiery skies of late fall.

Just Announced! Do to popular demand we have added a second Fire and Ice as of Oct 10. Tour starts Wed. Nov. 16th 5pm to Sunday Nov. 20th 1:30 pm (four nights at Aurum Lodge!), with the option to join a day later (Nov. 17th) for those who cannot make the four nights, but wish to come for three nights only. Cost is C$ 1,359 for the four night tour or C$ 1,019 for the three night tour all in. Contact Alan at Aurum Lodge to book. Only two spots left

©Darwin Wiggett

Ice Bubbles on Abraham Lake – Winter Magic Tours 2012 – Feb. 23-26, and Feb. 29 – March 4, 2012

It seems that the Ice Bubbles out on Abraham Lake have now gotten a bit famous especially after my 2008 Travel Photographer of the Year Win which featured my Abraham Lake shots. I have taken many photographers out on the ice at Abraham Lake and now their great photos are circulating around and getting lots of views. I have been leading these tours since 2005 (see the results from back then when almost everyone was still shooting film!).

It might seem an easy proposition to just drive up to the lake in winter and get great shots on your own; and yes that is possible. But the ice bubble locations change from year to year, and most people are unaware of the extreme dangers of Abraham Lake and of the other great locations near the lake. That is where your guides (Alan who lives on the shores of Abraham Lake) and I can make sure we get you to the best spots in the best light no matter the weather. And plus you get the fantastic accommodations of the Aurum Lodge which is a nice retreat after a few hours out on the ice at -25 degrees C!

In 2012, there are two tours available; Feb 23-26, and Feb. 29 – March 4 (this latter tour is already sold out). So if you are keen to photograph Abraham Lake and other great spots this coming winter, then sign up for the Feb23-26 tour before it sells out!

©Darwin Wiggett

©Darwin Wiggett - could you find this place on your own?

The Holga Hustle – Join the Camera Dance and Print Show!

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If you’ve been following our Fabulous Film Fridays project, you’ll know that Samantha and I have been having a lot of fun playing around with our Holga cameras, Beep and Bop.  So much so that we want to share the fun and invite YOU and your Holga (or other toy film camera) to come along with us on May 7th to The Holga Hustle and Print Show.  We’ll be in Lake Louise in Banff National Park with Beep and Bop, just walking around and taking pictures of whatever catches our fancy.  There are lots of paths along the river and of course visitors coming to enjoy the wonderful scenery of the Canadian Rockies, so there will be plenty to shoot. If you need a Holga go to The Camera Store in Calgary to pick one up, the more colourful the better! If you don’t know how to use your Holga, don’t worry we’ll be there to help you and I can tell you personally all the mistakes you can possibly make!

We’ll be at the Holga Hustle from 2:00pm until 4:30pm on Saturday, May 7th after which we are heading over to nearby Baker Creek Bistro to launch our Print Show!  The Bistro has generously provided space in their restaurant for us to show some of our prints, including some made with our Holgas.  From 5:00pm until 7:00pm, Sam and I will be at the print show with both Holga prints and a sampling of digital files printed on aluminum from Image Wizards to demonstrate in glowing colour the beauty of the area.  There will be free snacks on hand for munching (yum!), and if you need a glass of wine after the exertion of the afternoon walk, alcoholic drinks will be available for purchase.  Plus we’ll be doing a draw for a toy camera out of the participants’ names!

While you’re at Baker Creek then, why not make a reservation for dinner to enjoy the excellent, locally-sourced food at the Bistro or make a weekend of it by staying at the Baker Creek Chalets.  This is where we host our SNAP! Photography Seminars workshop October 27-30, 2011 so now is your chance to check out this world-class accommodation. The folks at Baker Creek are offering anyone coming for the Holga Hustle a 15% discount on a two-night stay. Just mention our names (Darwin and Samantha) and come hang out in the Rockies that weekend!

Convinced?  Then come to The Holga Hustle and Print Show at the Bistro to see what you can do with a Holga image.  Space is limited to only 20 people! If you would like to attend the Hustle and Print Show, please email us to reserve your spot.

©Darwin Wiggett - Lake Louise in Winter with a Holga

SNAP! Photography Seminars Weekend Workshop – 2011

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Samantha Chrysanthou, John Marriott and yours truly are happy to announce another SNAP! Photography Seminars event for 2011. We are returning to Baker Creek Chalets, October 27-30, 2011 to present an in-depth workshop style program with 7 hours of instruction and critique and over 20 hours of practice in the field. Imagine learning  photography surrounded by some of the finest scenery in western Canada under the watchful guidance of three of Canada’s best photo instructors. You’re sure to come away with new skills to ramp your photography up a notch. We will cover how to objectively evaluate your work, strengthen your compositions, use filters in the field to make better in-camera captures, master Live View, and get creative with lens choice and camera controls. Meals and accommodations included and we have a killer low spousal rate, so you can treat your loved one to a relaxing holiday while you learn and practice photography. Only 24 participants, so don’t wait.

Check out the photos below that were made by past participants in this workshop at Baker Creek. And cruise over to John’s blog to see more photos from our assignment “opposites attract’ (December 4th entry). As a wee incentive to get you to sign up early, we have a $250 gift certificate from The Camera Store in Calgary for the first person to book a spot, and a private 20 image portfolio critique by Samantha, John and me for the 7th person to sign up. For more information and to book your spot check out our pdf on the SNAP! Photography Seminars website.

©Dan Wotton

©Eric Bartlett

©Karen Ho Fatt

©Lee Sacrey

©Nicole Norris

©Richard Fenster

©Robert Skoye

©Sandy Pokorny

Harvest Moon Photo Workshop

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The most common comment I get from photographers is that they want to participate in a workshop that has a winning combination of class time and field time.  Well, we aim to please!

Although technically the harvest moon is in September, we are offering a weekend photo workshop in October (Oct 21-24, 2010) when the moon is in its full glory, and well… we liked the name Harvest Moon (you know, it reminds of us of Neil Young, great music, and iconic landscapes).  I think a tour like this, when it is well done, is the best way to improve your photographic skills in one, concentrated weekend.  There aren’t many of these kinds of workshops in Alberta with a landscape focus, and especially not many with 3 pro photographers at your beck and call.

So apart from its uniqueness, what else is so special about this workshop? Check out these three reasons below:

  1. Three awesome instructors! No, this is not hype — I have seen both John Marriott and Samantha Chrysanthou in action teaching and they are really fine instructors. As far as yours truly… well at least I’m good company in the bar after the photo shoots ;-).
  2. We want you to master the craft of photography, plain and simple. To do this, we give you in-depth classroom instruction (5 hours) and then you get three pros on hand to help you one-on-one in the field (for nearly 20 hours of shooting time) and  in some of the most stunning scenery in western Canada (Banff National Park in Alberta).
  3. We cover topics such as How the Pros Approach a Scene, Mastering  Composition and Design, Light Painting and Night Photography, The Artful Critique, professional critiques of your images and lots of help in the field. And of course we can address any questions you have in the field from filter use to picking the right aperture to how to use live view. Got a problem area with technique? Let us help you find the solution!
  4. You get to stay in one of the nicest lodges in the Canadian Rockies (Baker Creek Chalets) and the price includes all meals and accommodations. Plus we have negotiated a killer low spouse rate (in case your non-shooting partner wants to come and hang out in the lodge — easier to convince them to let you go if they get to have a vacation at the same time!). See, we thought of everything!

So, if you want to take your photography to the next level and be inspired by great scenery and good company in a fine lodge atmosphere, then this workshop might be for you. For more information and instructions on how to register, check out our detailed PDF But don’t delay!  We are only taking registrations until September 15, 2010 and of course the number of registrants is limited. And note there are some nice prizes for early registrations!

And finally for a wee taste of some of the stuff we plan to cover in the workshop  see this article by Sam and me on  Simple Light Painting Techniques.

©Darwin Wiggett