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Canadian Rockies Fall Photo Tour Results – Mark Maletsky

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Below are the six favorite pictures from Mark Maletsky on the Fall 2011 Photo Tour

Photo by Mark Maletsky

Sunset at Reflecting Ponds    

 Nikon D700; 14-24mm lens; 1/125 sec @  f/8; ISO 400

Photo by Mark Maletsky

  Wilcox Pass hike
Nikon D300s; 70-200mm lens; 1/640 sec @ f/7.1; ISO 400

Photo by Mark Maletsky

 Wilcox Pass hike
    Nikon D300s; 70-200mm lens; 1/640 sec @ f/7.1; ISO 400

Photo by Mark Maletsky

Natural Bridge Yoho National Park   

 Nikon D700; 24-70 mm lens; 0.4 sec @ f/11; ISO 400

Photo by Mark Maletsky

 Sunrise at Abraham Lake, Kootenay Plains   

Nikon D700; 24-70 mm lens; 1/20 sec @ f/11; ISO 400

Photo by Mark Maletsky

 Sunrise at Upper Waterfowl Lake Banff  NP    

Nikon D700; 24-70 mm lens; 1/60 sec @ f/11; ISO 400

Fall in the Canadian Rockies Photo Tour Results – John Smeeton

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Below are John Smeeton’s six favorite photos from the 2011 Canadian Rockies Fall Tour. Great having you on the trip John!

©John Smeeton

Abraham Sunrise

The adage “f/8 and be there” was surely intended for this shot. One of the many great things about a photo tour is that a skilled guide, like Darwin or Alan, can interpret the local weather conditions and take the group to where they can get the most out of it. Half-awake I hiked by headlamp with the rest of the group to the shore of Abraham Lake, set-up low looking eastward and came alive as the underlit clouds progressively exploded with colour over the next 20 minutes. It was a pleasure to stand there, cable release in hand, and admire nature’s artistry. Canon 5DMII, TS-E 24 f/3.5L II, 100 ISO, 0.8s, f/11.

©John Smeeton

 Aspen Impression

A long exposure captured the leaves’ and branches’ motion in the light breeze at this aspen grove near Preachers Point on Abraham Lake. I remember thinking at the time that a landscape painter would surely find this vista every bit as irresistible as did this landscape photographer. Thanks to some post-processing, I met the painter halfway. Canon 5DMII, 24-105 f/4L, 100 ISO, 65mm, 0.4s, f/11, Singh-Ray 5-stop ND.

©John Smeeton

 Aurum Vista

We walked down the hill from Aurum Lodge to capture the sunrise over Abraham Lake. I twiddled about and made some OK shots but I just wasn’t feeling the love. I decided to head back to the Lodge for a hot cup of coffee. I shouldered my tripod, took a dozen steps up the hill, glanced up and over to my left and voila! The majesty of the trees standing witness to the fog-shrouded mountains was not only a scene I just had to capture, it also energized me for another great day of photography in the Rockies. Canon 5DMII, 70-200 f/4L, 100 ISO, 200mm, 0.3s, f/11.

©John Smeeton

Canyon Study

This was taken under an overcast sky in the late-afternoon at the Kicking Horse River in Yoho National Park. It’s a three-shot HDR that looked pretty good in colour but the black and white conversion really emphasized the incredible texture in the rock formations. Canon 5DMII, 24-105 f/4L, 100 ISO, 40mm, +/- 2 EV bracket mid 1.3s, f/8, Singh-Ray 5-stop ND.

©John Smeeton

Mistaya State of Mind

I’ve lived in Calgary for 17 years, less than three hours drive from the Mistaya Canyon. I’m at a loss to explain how, until now, I was unaware of this photographer’s treasure trove that lay just a short walk beyond the tree cover along the Icefields Parkway. This was taken on the Mistaya River just upstream from the Canyon. Getting a bracketed three-shot capture while keeping the lens surface dry of the wind-blown rain was a challenge. Canon 5DMII, 24-105 f/4L, 100 ISO, 28mm, +/- 2 EV bracket mid 1/15s, f/11.

©John Smeeton

Waterfowl Confection

Even in the pre-dawn shadow the silent vista that greets you as you emerge from the trees to the edge of Upper Waterfowl Lake is awe-inspiring enough to almost make you forget to capture the images you came there for. Then, like a kid in a candy store, the challenge is to choose something to savour from amongst the limitless (but, at sunrise, time-limited) visual confections offered-up by nature. I like this shot, taken on a frosty morning, because it combines the serenity of the reflection and low-lying fog with the nobility of the sunlit mountain. Canon 5DMII, 24-105 f/4L, 100 ISO, 40mm, +/- 2 EV bracket mid 1/8s, f/11.

Two Openings for SNAP! Weekend Workshop – Oct 27-30, 2011

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We’ve had a couple of cancellations for the SNAP! Photography Seminars Weekend Workshop with John E. Marriott, Samantha Chrysanthou and yours truly coming up on October 27 – 30, 2011. This means if you are able to take advantage of a last minute opportunity, then now is your chance!  The workshop sold out early this year, leaving a few disappointed photographers out there – our apologies!  So don’t hesitate if you are interested.  The workshop, based out of beautiful Baker Creek Chalets near Lake Louise, is geared toward beginner to intermediate shooters. We cover topics ranging from artful compositions to useful filter techniques with plenty of constructive critique throughout the weekend.  A combination of class and field time ensures that you get to practice your new skills, and a low instructor-to-student ratio guarantees all your questions will be answered!  (If you have questions about the meaning of life, John Marriott will be happy to answer them!!). For more information on the workshop and topics covered visit the SNAP! website. To register contact Baker Creek Chalets.

We hope to see you at the workshop!

©Darwin Wiggett

Canadian Rockies Fall Photo Tour Results – Don Allen

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Below are Don Allen’s favorite images from the Canadian Rockies Fall Photo Tour.

©Don Allen

Photo 1: Canon 5dm2, 24-105mm f/4 lens at 24mm, 1 sec at f11

This first image was from sunrise from at White Goat Lakes. Like most of the group I began the sunrise by shooting from the main pond, but when the wind kicked up I retreated to this small pond that was better protected. I stood in the edge of the pond while making this shot, trying to carefully align the mountain reflection with the grasses in the pond.

©Don Allen

Photo 2: Canon 5dm2, 24-105mm f/4 lens at 73mm, 1/160 sec at f11 at f8

At mid-morning the light on Abraham Lake is phenomenal. For this shot I merely composed to have the beautiful trees in the foreground with the peak cropped tightly so that it looms large over the scene.

©Don Allen

Photo 3: Canon 5dm2, 16-35mm f/2.8 II lens at 20mm, 1/5 sec at f8

While I did not find the sunsets around Abraham Lake to be as spectacular as the sunrises, I always took the opportunity to shoot the sunset when able to do so. On this evening, there were just two of us shooting with Darwin from this spot. I liked the colors and the natural features of the landscape flow together to create strong visual interest.

©Don Allen

Photo 4: Canon 5dm2, 24-105mm f/4 lens at 24mm, 1 sec at f11

Sunrises can be spectacular in the Canadian Rockies and this morning was no exception. I alternated between shooting into the direction of the sun and the mountains in the opposite direction that were just being lit by the morning sun. This photo showcases the colors present while shooting towards the sun.


©Don Allen

Photo 5: Canon 5dm2, 24-105mm f/4 lens at 55mm, 2sec at f11

For most of the workshop, I was usually one of the last to finish shooting each scene. This image was a last second shot at the end of a sunrise shoot. I chose to use the Aspens to frame the lake and the mountains. The colorful fall grasses allow for some easy compositions around Abraham Lake in the fall.


©Don Allen

Photo 6: Canon 5dm2, 90mm Tilt/Shift f/2.8 lens, 1/8 sec at f8

While most of the group shot at Meeting of the Waters in Yoho National Park, I admired the ground cover near the parking area. Since fall colors are rare in my part of Texas, I was thrilled to see the myriad of colors in the leaves. Though I did not have a macro lens, I was able to utilize my 90mm tilt shift lens to provide a reasonable close-up with a focus plane parallel to the leaves.


Fabulous Film Fridays – October 14, 2011

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Below is another image from the archives using a camera that I regret ever selling the Hasselblad Xpan. Why did I sell that cool little camera? Probably because at the time I was hungry or hurting for cash; a common cycle in the feast or famine industry of photography. Hell, food is over-rated isn’t it?

I sure hope my little Xpan went to a good home, if it’s just collecting dust (or anyone has one that’s collecting dust), I would be happy to take it and dust it off for you and post more pictures on the Fabulous Film Friday post!

©Darwin Wiggett - Xpan with Fujicolor Superia 100 print film

Additional November Fire and Ice Tour added

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The November 10 – 13 Fire and Ice event is sold out but we have just added a second 2011 tour in mid November this year.  The Fire and Ice Tour is one of my favorites because of the short days with great light and the intersection of new ice with the fiery skies of late fall.

The second tour starts Wed. Nov. 16th 5pm to Sunday Nov. 20th 1:30 pm (four nights at Aurum Lodge!), with the option to join a day later (Nov. 17th) for those who cannot make the four nights, but wish to come for three nights only. Cost is C$ 1,359 for the four night tour or C$ 1,019 for the three night tour all in. Limited to 7 participants. Contact Alan at Aurum Lodge to book. Only two spots left!

©Darwin Wiggett

Winner of the Canadian Rockies Photo Contest

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I asked five photographer friends, Mark and Leslie Degner, Alan Ernst (from Aurum Lodge), Royce Howland, and Roy Ramsay (from Outdoor Photography Canada Magazine) to judge the Canadian Rockies Photo Contest. Each photographer is intimately familiar with the Rockies and I wanted their opinions on the images. Of course anytime you judge art, you are going to get vastly different opinions and this was certianly the case where four different images were chosen as the ‘best’ by the five judges (only one image was chosen as best by two different judges – the winning image below). Nine images ended up placing in the top three spots. Of the images selected by multiple judges, the following images garnered the most votes:

Third Place:

Congratulations to Ian McGillvrey for his fine abstract image of Rampart Ponds in Banff National Park – see this link:

Second Place:

Two images tied for second place; Karen O’Grady for her wonderful image of Elbow Falls in Kananaskis Country – see this link.

And an infrared image made of Vermilion Lakes by Michael Jamessee this link

First Place:

And the big prize winner for a two night stay at Aurum Lodge and a portfolio critique by yours truly is Nigel Roberts, for his wonderful abstract of a forest burn in Kootenay National Park – see this link. Congratulations Nigel!

Fall in the Canadian Rockies Photo Tour Results – Doug Keech

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Below are the six favorite images from Doug Keech. Doug kept us in stitches with crazy stories of his dad beating him with a Globe to cure his travel urges.

©Doug Keech

Autumn’s Elegance

This image was shot into a very bright sky with a telephoto lens. I isolated this aspen branch that was being magically backlit by the sun. Canon 5dmii, 70-200 f2.8L at 115mm, 400 ISO to stop motion, 1/800s, f5.6, Singh-Ray LB Warming CPL.

©Doug Keech

Emerald Lake

I’d never been to Emerald Lake before, but as soon as I saw it, it looked like a pano would be nice. Since we only had 20 minutes at this location, I worked fast at getting the tripod level and secure. I took 9 exposures bracketing plus and minus 1 ev at each position. Canon 5dmii, TS-E 24mm f3.5LII, 100 ISO, 1.0s (base exposure), f11, Singh-Ray LB Warming CPL and 2 stop hard edge ND grad.

©Doug Keech


The Mistaya River above the canyon with the large rock for a foreground looked like a pleasing composition to me. I added the graduated fog in post for the effect, to add to the overall mood of the image. I think it works here. Canon 5dmii, 17-40 f4L at 23mm, 100 ISO, 30s, f16, Hoya 8 stop ND.

©Doug Keech

Preacher’s Point

This was an extremely windy morning so I wanted to use the motion to my advantage. I shot a 3 exposure vertical pano then blended them together in post. Canon 5dmii, TS-E 24mm f3.5LII, 100 ISO, 30s, f11, Singh-Ray LB Warming CPL and 2 stop hard edge ND grad.

©Doug Keech

Wind & Water

This was another very windy morning. I wanted to capture not just the skyline, but the waves crashing in on the shore. In post, I decided to go a little more monochrome adding to the feeling of coldness and the grey morning it was walking along the lake. Canon 5dmii, 17-40 f4L at 17mm, 100 ISO, 0.3s, f16

©Doug Keech

Man & Nature

This impressionistic image represents man’s unbreakable connection to nature – a solitary photographer walks the shoreline of Abraham Lake as he experiences the vastness and beauty of a wilderness. I used the out of focus highlights and the contrast of shape against shore to depict what I was going for here. Canon 5dmii, 70-200 f2.8L with 2xII (400mm), 100 ISO, 1/500s, f5.6.

Nordegg Mine Tour Results – Craig Brown

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Here are Craig Brown’s images from the mine and glacier outing.

©Craig Brown

©Craig Brown

©Craig Brown

©Craig Brown

©Craig Brown

©Craig Brown

This Week’s Photo Contest Winner

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Go over the The How To Photograph the Canadian Rockies website to see this week,s winner of the Canadian Rockies Photo Contest! Be sure to enter your photos in the Canadian Rockies Flickr Group to be eligible for the prizes.