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Travel Photo Contest – Horia Bogdan

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Horia Bogdan

©Horia Bogdan

Visiting Brussels can result in many nice photos of landmarks, great (old and new) buildings or statues, but it’s sometimes the small things that make the difference. Here i found this nice old passage somewhere downtown, full of chocolate and champagne shops on both sides, with little cafes and breweries here and there. I really liked the marble pillars and the glass on top and converting the shot to black&white gave it the “vintage” look that resonated with feeling I had when i was there. I also used a 8 stop full ND filter here to blue a bit the motion of the crowed for the desired effect.


The Daily Snap – April 13

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©Darwin Wiggett - Canon G9

More and more on my travels that require a flight rather than carry a DSLR, I just carry my little point-n-shoot. With a point-n-shoot not only do I travel light but I breeze through security and on location I can shoot anywhere looking just like another tourist. The freedom of light gear lets me blend in, I am not a traget for thugs wanting my expensive gear and I can shoot in places where I would never be able to take a DSLR or tripod. This image was from a trip I took to Belgium several years ago and was shot with a Canon G9. this weekend I will be headed to Burlington Ontario to give a weekend photo seminar and I will be taking my trsuty Canon G11 on the plane with me and everywhere I go.