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Camera Goodies for Sale

Posted in For Sale with tags , , , , on April 19, 2011 by Darwin

Alan Ernst over at the Aurum Lodge is having a bit of a spring cleaning sale: Check out his stuff below. I know from personal experience that Alan is anal about taking care of his gear so he is a trusted source for used stuff. Here is his stuff plus a little note from Alan:

My chiropractor has ordered me to reduce my load, my Sherpa has quit and my bank won’t increase my mortgage for the addition of a used equipment storage wing… Hate to see my trusty tools go but since I have downgraded to micro 4/3, I simply don’t see myself using it any longer. If anyone is interested in any of the following equipment / lenses, contact Alan at 1 403 721 2117 /

Panasonic – Lumix L10 DSLR with 14-50mm Leica lens (= 28-100mm equivalent). 10MP 4/3 sensor, RAW & jpeg, variable aspect ratios (3:2,16:9,4:3), and fully articulated LCD screen.  Spare battery and 4GB memory card. Very good condition.  Camera is a very user-friendly entry level camera ideal for a beginner or if you are looking for a back-up for an existing  4/3 system.   Accepts Olympus 4/3 lenses.
Asking $ 320.

Olympus – 70-300mm f4-5.6 tele zoom lens (140-600mm equivalent. Versatile and surprisingly compact tele lens with that extra long reach for wildlife and landscape extraction. Good condition.
Asking $ 200 (new: $ 420)

Olympus – E-30 DSLR, body only. 12MP 4/3 sensor, Raw&jpeg, fully articulated LCD screen. Spare batteryGood condition / little used. Very responsive with great AF and 5 f/sec continuous = good for wildlife and moving subjects. Spare battery. Asking $ 450 (new: $1,100).

And some not so antiques from the last century. Remember the age of film anyone? Good news is that these 35mm Nikon F-mount lenses will work with most newer Nikon DSLR’s with built in AF motor  (crop factor on APS sized sensors is 1.5, i.e. 100mm becomes 150mm on APS DSLR). All lenses in very good to excellent condition; no dust, no scratches).

Nikon F90 film camera, body only, in working order. $ 50

Nikon 105mm AF micro Nikkor D f2.8. No VR. Asking $ 350

Nikon 180mm AF Nikkor ED f 2.8. No VR. Asking $ 450 (new $900)

Nikon PC Nikkor  28mm f3.5 shift lens (perspective correction). Note that this is NOT a tilt/shift but will do a fine job of correcting perspective in the field. Asking $ 550

Sigma 400mm f5.6D Tele Macro. Close focussing tele lens good for wildlife and birds. No VR.
Asking $ 200

Sigma 12-24mm D f4.5-5.6 DG HSM ultra wide zoom. Hardly used. Asking $ 600 (new $ 1,025)

Sigma 70-300mm D f4-5.6 APO DG tele zoom with close focusing range (1:2 at 300mm). No VR.
Asking $ 160 (new $ 240).  

Nikon Speedlight SD-22 w. Tilt head and built in diffuser. Asking $ 60.