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Photography Garage Sale – July 24, 2011

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If you’re in the Calgary, Alberta area come on out to Cochrane (15 minutes from the west edge of Calgary) to the Garage Sale that Samantha and I will be holding Sunday July 24 from 9AM to 2PM MST. Not only do we have some traditional garage sale goodies (you know electronics, household items, tools etc) but we have lots of photography stuff available. The address is 22 West Terrace Close, Cochrane Alberta. Sale starts promptly at 9AM, cash only sales (receipts for tax purposes will be given out on request). Even if you don’t buy anything, stop by and say hi and go get a Mackay’s Ice Cream while in town! We will not sell anything in advance, all prices are final.

Here are a couple of items of interest for photographers:

Canon 24mm TS-E f3.5L lens (version 1): This lens I used for years to make some of my most memorable images. I have upgraded to the Mark II version of this lens but for those on a budget the Mark I version is super capable and does a great job. This lens goes for about $900 to $1200 on the used market. I will sell my for $800 (includes GST). The lens has been modified to have the shift and the tilt in the same plane which is the most useful configuration for landscape photography.

©Darwin Wiggett - Canon TS-E 24mm f3.5L

Canvas and Aluminum Prints: Samantha and I have lots of canvas and Aluminum prints for sale that we will be blowing out at below wholesale cost. Large canvas prints start at $20. Metal prints start at $50! Also we have picture frames and traditional prints for sale at embarrassingly low prices.

Photo Bags: We also have photo backpacks from Kata (3N1-20), Low Pro (Dry Zone and Rover), X-Gear Adventure Packs, Crumpler Bags and more.

Photo Accessories: Lens Align, Cokin Filter products, camera filters, numerous tripods, tripod L-Brackets, flash and flash accessories, studio accessories, gels, white balance tools and lots of other photo goodies all for cheap!

Photo Books: We have numerous photo books on offer from new to older titles.

Photographers Beer Fridge: A critical accessory for the creative photographer! A brand new Danby compact bar fridge for $50!

Aquariums and Terrariums: Perfect for snakes, chamelons, and frogs for photography. I used these to make my silly amphibian and reptile images. Large, medium and small.

G&L Legacy Guitar with Marshal VS65R Valvestate AMP: Perfect for thrashing out Neil Young songs while waiting for HDR photos to develop on your computer ($500 for the kit).

Outdoor Gear: Goodies for the outdoor camper and backpacker.


Canon G9 kit for sale

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Update Dec 3, 2009 – All items now sold!

For the last several years my faithful photo companion has been my little Canon G9 point-n-shoot. I love the camera and have made many memorable photos with the camera. I am now selling my complete G9 kit. For specs and a review on the camera go here. I also wrote my own review on the G9 and was positively impressed. Why am I selling my G9? Simple, I want the new Canon G11. The differences in image quality between the two cameras is really minor but I really like the Tilt-Swivel LCD screen on the G11 for weird angle photos.  Really, I don’t NEED a G11, I just WANT one. If I was smart, I would keep my G9 with all the accessories. Upgrading to the G11 will be costly (the batteries, filter holder etc are different on the G11 than the G9 – thanks Canon for almost always changing the accessories everytime you upgrade a camera model!). So… if anyone wants a deal on a great point-n-shoot kit that is hard to beat, here it is!

Canon G9 (all original packaging and accessories) plus three batteries – $275 CAN

Canon G9 Convertor bundle (lens/filter holder adapter) plus wide angle and telephoto supplemental lens (new ($279) – $150 CAN

Canon G9 underwater housing (new – $250) – $150 CAN 

I will sell everything separately ($575 total) but if you buy everything as a bundle I’ll let it go for $500 CAN plus shipping.

Send me an email at if you are interested

Here is a photo of the goodies (manual, chargers etc not shown)

Darwin's G9 kit