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In Memory of Rick Danko

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Today is the anniversary of the death of Rick Danko, bassist for The Band. Rick died December 10, 1999. One of my favorite songs is The Band’s  “It Makes no Difference” sung by Rick.

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The Daily Snap – May 4

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©Darwin Wiggett - Canon G11

On May 1 Sam and went to see Luke Doucet one of our favorite Canadian musicians. Luke performed with his wife Melissa McClelland and they put on a screaming show at the Bragg Creek Center for Performing Arts. Lukes’ CD “Bloods too Rich” is one of those CDs we constantly slap into the stereo and listen to over and over – highly recommended. I asked Luke and Melissa for a picture while getting CDs signed. They happlily let me make a quick snap. The video below is dedicated to John Fujimagari