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Fabulous Film Fridays – Back to Back Again

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Last week Sam posted a comparison of the same subject shot with film and digital. Her point was to show that the two media deliver very different results and that neither was ‘true’ to her experience of being there. Of course, we all know that cameras do not record things exactly like we see them. Some capture devices seem ‘truer’ than others but none record the ‘truth’ (5 human observers to the same event will all ‘record’ or remember the event differently – so what is truth anyway?).

Given that there is no universal truth then it simply becomes a question of what tool (camera, film type, digital sensor type, processing workflow etc)  returns results closer to the way you view or want to present the world in your art. Of course you can enhance or alter the capture in processing (either in the digital or chemical darkroom) to get the results even closer to your personal view. I believe it’s always better to use the media that delivers results closest to where you want to end up, rather than shaving a square block down to fit into a round hole (but maybe that is just me, some of you might like the shaving process ;-)).

The two images below were photographed at the Nordegg mine and were taken at the same time as Sam’s shots in her post. The results of the comparison look similar to the Sam’s in terms of colour and contrast. Which you prefer is personal, you might like one better than the other, or you might not like either rendition. Your job as a photographer is to translate what you see and feel about a scene to your viewer. Using the media that gets you the results you want is really all that matters.

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Above – Shot with a Tachihara 4×5 view camera using Fujichrome Velvia 50 slide film (I used a flashlight to paint light onto the wheels – the orange cast).

Below – Shot with a Canon EOS-1ds digital camera and light-painted as described above.

©Darwin Wiggett


Good Photos in Bad Light eBook

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I just created a free eBook over at Visual Wilderness about tips and techniques for making good photos in bad light. Click on the photo below if you are interested in downloading the eBook.

Note: Visual Wilderness is no longer active, to get the ebook please go to this link:

New eBooks from Samantha Chrysanthou

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Photographing Intimate Landscapes

‘Elegant’, ‘balanced’, ‘thoughtful’, ‘solemn’…these adjectives have often been used to describe the intimate landscape. A style of imagery that exists somewhere between the world of macro and the grand scenic, intimate landscapes demand insightful vision and an advanced talent at arranging the details within a composition. Samantha shares some of her favourite examples of this unique form of photography and delves into what makes a successful intimate landscape. If you are inspired by the finer details in nature, then you are sure to glean new skills as you journey with Samantha into the beautiful world of creating the intimate landscape photograph. Cost $4.95 at Visual Wilderness.

The Li’l eBook of Trees

Enter the wonderful world of trees! Filled with some of Samantha’s favourite images of trees made over the last several years, this eBook takes you on a whimsical journey that is at times solemn and at times joy-filled but always revealing in the ways which the study of trees tells us more about ourselves. Free at Visual Wilderness.


Essential Filters for Contolling Contrast in Digital Nature Photography

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Singh-Ray has just published an article I wrote about The Essential Filters for Controlling Contrast in Digital Nature Photography. Hopefully this article will help you decide which filters you’ll need for your photography endevours.

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