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Travel Photo Contest – Bryan Pereira

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Bryan Pereira

©Bryan Pereira

I took this while in Egypt with my family. This side of the pyramids doesn’t have much people traffic to clutter the scene, in fact apart from the rider the only other person is my daughter enjoying a camel ride in the background. I had to move fast to get the composition I wanted a few seconds later and distant rider would be gone and a few seconds before some other tourists just moved out of the shot. Careful post-production was used to avoid losing too much foreground detail and to really bring the image to life. I like the shot because even if you visit the pyramids a hundred times, getting all the elements working together like this isn’t always possible.


Travel Photo Contest – Tom Nevesely

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Tom Nevesely

©Tom Nevesely

Shot in Cairo, Egypt in April 2008

While on a trip through Egypt, we stopped for lunch at a nice outdoor restaurant in Cairo. Near the entrance sat this girl holding a goat. She had the most incredible smile that I just had to get take her photo (with her permission first, of course). I rarely photograph people so was a different experience for me.