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Some new interview links

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Sam and I were lucky enough to be invited to a cool photography podcast based out of Calgary called I am Aduro. This podcast is run by Al Del Degan of Aduro Phorography and Andrew Bolton of Zombie Darkroom. We had a great time chatting and laughing with Al and Andrew. Check it out (click on the Listen Now button on the bottom of the link page) and learn what Sam really thinks of Peter Lik’s photography and why I have little respect for most Leica photographers! As well you’ll learn what it really takes to make a living at photography and the underlying theme for the show is fine art nude photography plus there are lots of cool and interesting links.

Speaking of Fine Art Nude work, check out an interview just posted where Sam and I talk about our upcoming Gaia Nudes, Nudes in the Landscape photo workshop. Click here for more.

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For the Ladies…An Opportunity to Photograph Fine Art Nudes

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Based on feedback, Samantha and I have decided to make a change to the upcoming Nudes in the Landscape workshop.  We’re changing the second day, Sunday August 14, 2011 to a ‘Ladies Only’ day.  After talking about the workshop to various photographers, we realized that there is a bias out there that only men photograph nude women in this area of photography.  Definitely that is where most of the images seem to come from, but that is also where our Gaia Nudes concept is vastly different:  not only are we not photographing ‘sex’, but we are also not gender-biased in sourcing our models.  Traditional fine art nude photography ranges from abstract studies of the human form to more glam, playful and sexual posing.  Our workshop focuses on the former idea, with photographers working with both male and female models.  We are also relatively unique in that, as landscape photographers, Nature is always our first love.  How to fit and meld the human form into the landscape is the question of concern to us.  We are not bringing props.  Our models are not wearing high-heels (male or female), gobs of makeup or anything with fur, feather and leather.

So, if you are a female photographer who appreciates natural beauty, but are a bit intimidated or put off by the more er… titillating aspects of fine art nude photography, then this is your chance!  Grab a girlfriend or two and come out to this exciting day.  For the men, we do still have a spot or two available on Saturday, but don’t delay!  You can register at our website,

Who Is This Workshop For, Anyway?

On a broader note, you might be wondering who would benefit from a workshop such as this.  The answer is any photographer who shoots portraits, weddings, boudoir, and yes, landscapes.  The first three might be obvious, but why would a landscape photographer even consider attending a workshop such as Nudes in the Landscape?  The answer is simple:  most photographers who photograph nature appreciate beauty.  Developing your visual muscle to recognize and capture the fine art aesthetic can only help in your landscape photography.  Even more so if you find yourself in a rut and uninspired by your recent work.  Sometimes, a change of scenery jumpstarts your creativity again and infuses new life into all of your photography.  Not sure what the workshop entails?  Well, we will be discussing:

  • the use of natural light to illuminate the scene and the model
  • compositional tips and tricks and how to work with the elements of visual design
  • posing do’s and don’ts
  • communicating your creative vision to the  model.

So, if you are looking for ways to improve your photography, then join us for a fun, informal and creative day and learn how to appreciate beauty in new ways.  Head to Gaia Nudes to view images of this style of photography.