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Inspirations – Natuurfotografie by Peter Kemp

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© Peter Kemp

I made this one in a shed with two friends of mine called Cooper and RudoX. I asked one of them–Cooper–to make me these wonderful wings of plastic and also a nest. The austrich eggs I borrowed from my wife.

My intention was to give a  message to nature photographers who are doing “a lot”  to get the “right” picture.  I tried to give this message with a smile.

My camera used was Hasselblad H1 with a 22 MP Leaf Back on a tripod (55-110 mm Hasselblad lens). Photo has been made with ISO 100 – F9 and 1/125sec shutter speed. Two strobes were used a soft box and  a strobe with umbrella ( 400W). ~ Peter Kemp


My Porter

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For those who saw the Into the Field with The Pros video of last week, you’ll know I like my granola bars almost as much as I like gear. My camera bag always has a few granola bars in it, but on longer hikes I need more sustenance so I make sure Brando helps me carry a few extra snacks into the field – thanks my four legged slave, I mean friend!

Brando carrying my Sweet and Salties!