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International Photography Awards

Posted in Good News, Inspirations, Marketing with tags , , , , , , , , on January 9, 2010 by Darwin

Last year I was the busiest ever. I was constantly shooting, doing workshops and tours that I am only now getting around to processing my 2009 work. I hope to catch up over the next month or so. One of the things I just discovered when cleaning out my old emails was the fact that I had one four honourable mentions in the 2009 International Photography Awards. Imagine my surprise that I overlooked these emails.

Check out all the winners in the numerous categories – amazing stuff!

If you want to look at alot of stunning photos in one spot check out the vast catalog of HM images

Here are my winners:

1. Icescapes – Series of Five

2. Trees in Winter – Series of Five

3. Wind Through the Trees – Series of Five

4. Environment -Residue – Series of Five