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Inspirations – A Contrario by Serhan Oksay

Posted in Inspirations with tags , , on September 28, 2011 by sabrina

© Serhan Oksay

Canon 30D Canon 18-200mm Focal Length: 60mm
Exposure Mode: Manual 1/30 secs f/13.0 ISO:100

This was an inexperienced model from Ukraine who had never done an artistic nude before. The model was so shy that I decided to start the session behind a piece of blue chiffon to warm her up. I described her how to pose behind the cloth and advised to stand close to foreground as much as possible (see image below). I used two studio flashes with a softbox and back lit the scene. One big studio fan was working from my right hand side to make sure that the chiffon sticks to her face and the rest ripples so that I could capture a dynamic, exciting photograph. I had the luxury of using three assistants: two for holding the cloth, one for controlling the fan and moving the flash around.

© Serhan Oksay

In the post processing (with PS CS5) I drew the usual levels-unsharp-contrast triangle then desaturated to lose the blue tinge and add a touch of b/w feeling. I also added Topaz filter “adjust 4 dramatic” to stress the texture of the cloth.

I have named the photo “a contrario” meaning “from a contrary position”. ~ Serhan Oksay

Nudity is Evil but Sex Isn’t

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Samantha and I made a website using Photocrati (a WordPress plug-in) quite awhile ago where we showcased our nudes in the landscape fine-art photography. Photocrati  is specifically designed for photographers and is a great plug-in to produce a good-looking, functional website. It’s user-friendly and great for photographers who know little about HTML or coding (like us). We built the website in a day and loved the results. Photocrati highly recommends  Bluehost (based in Utah) as the hosting company to use for photographers and we went with that option. The interface between the Photocrati and Bluehost was seamless and we could not believe how easy it was to make a website!

All went while until about 2 weeks ago when Bluehost sent us a note that they were going to close our site down because of  ‘adult content’ (specifically nudity) which is not allowed in their terms and conditions (we admit to not having read these terms closely and missed the part about zero tolerance for nudity). We just assumed that a host of photography sites would have no problem with things like fine art nudes, or boudoir photography because these types of photography are common.

In discussions with Bluehost they told us that a women in a bikini is OK (no matter how sexually provocative), but nudity is forbidden. So we could post a shot of a buxom woman, in lingerie with a gun and stilettos stepping on another woman in a back alley but we can’t post an image like the one below. Hmmmm….

So we have had to move our Gaia Nudes Gallery over to this gallery page on my website… check it out and see if you think any of the work is offensive.

If you are planning a photo website with fine art nudes then don’t sign up with Bluehost — of course if you want to post your dominatrix lingerie photos, then Bluehost is happy with that! I guess sex is good, nudity is bad.

©Darwin Wiggett - Nude in Utah