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Inspirations – Nicolas Levesque

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© Nicolas Levesque

Nikon D700 24 mm lens 1/100s @ f/4.5 ISO

This photograph is from a series called “The Queen’s Living Room“. One week shooting on Queen Street from East to West. I wanted to show this oldest East/West street, and all its contrasts in human moments. From stylish people who look like stars, to the strange and lost, looks like Queen street will always be the same. This photograph took me 15 minutes to find. I saw the man, earlier on the other corner of Younge and Queen, but the photograph I took of him wasn’t good. Then I saw this woman smoking alone. I thought of a picture but abandoned the idea. I went away for 2 minutes for another picture, and when I came back, the woman was still there and the man just sat down to read. I passed by, and very quickly, I made 4 photographs. This is what I kept.
~ Nicolas Levesque

The Daily Snap – December 1

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©Darwin Wiggett

Yesterday’s announcement about the winter photo tour reminded me of just how much fun the ice is out on Abraham Lake. Check out this snap of some giant ice bubbles from last year. I hope the ice is as good this year!

Outdoor Photography Canada – Fall/Winter 2010

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I was so pleased to see the latest issue of Outdoor Photography Canada because one of my favorite photographers and good buddy, Wayne Simpson has the cover shot (see photo below) and he also a nice big spread in the magazine. Congratulations Wayne!

Also featured in the latest issue is another good friend and co-presenter in the Snap! Photography Seminars, John Marriott with a great piece on The Best Wildlife Locations in Canada that Nobody Knows About.

And a sweet bonus is a lovely shot from a regular reader and participant of this blog Quincey Deters. Quincey won the grand prize in the OPC Spring Photo contest. Be sure to enter the latest photo contest in the magazine to get some fine prizes!

And finally at the Snap! Photography Seminar that was held in April this year, editor Roy Ramsay picked a photo from Corry-Lyn O’Hara as the best photo submitted for critique. You can see her shot on page 9!

©Wayne Simpson

Travel Photo Contest – Roger Casement

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Roger Casement

©Roger Casement

On the Canada Day long weekend this year I got away to a rented cottage with my wife and a few other friends for a much deserved bit of R&R. We stayed at a place on Pigeon Lake near Bobcaygeon Ontario. I was up at dawn and grabbed my camera for some sunrise shots. Once I seen the lake with the mist rising off of the water and the peace and tranquility of the scene I almost forgot that I had my camera in my hands. I plunked myself down in a lawn chair at the foot of the dock to enjoy the solitude and pointed my camera out at the scene in front of me. With my knees in the shot I’ve forever put myself in scene and I keep returning to that serene lakeside paradise every time I look at it. You don’t always have to travel far to get away from it all.

Travel Photo Contest – Richard Fenster

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Richard Fenster

©Richard Fenster

This is a photo of Niagara Falls taken around sunset a few weeks ago (June 21st) on a family vacation. The image is composite of two photos taken with a Canon 40D with a Canon 17-40 F4 lens mounted on a tripod while my two kids dangled from my arms and my wife kept reminding me how late it was and that the kids needed to get to bed. The images were stitched using the Photomerge feature in Photoshop CS 5 (gotta love free trial versions) then brought into Lightroom to adjust colour, contrast, cropping etc.

I’m a sucker for grand landscapes – mountain ranges, lakes, waterfalls etc and try to plan our vacations around places where I can photograph them… I think my wife is on to me 🙂

Travel Photo Contest – Andrew McLachlan

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Andrew McLachlan

©Andrew McLachlan

The Muskoka region of Ontario is famous for stunning fall colour. Autumn’s display of brilliantly coloured sugar maples draws people from near and far to witness the beauty of the season. The Muskokas is also known has cottage country in Ontario, due to the myriad of picturesque lakes. Numerous waterfalls and rivers can be found here too. I visited this location on the Rosseau River two days earlier, than the day I composed this photograph. I revisited this location due to heavy rainfall that was sure to increase the flow of the river. I was immediately drawn to the large rock in the center of the image, dividing the river, creating two cascades. While 2009 was a disappointing year for autumn colour, with many of the vibrant hues being muted, there was enough colour spread evenly across this river scene for a nice panoramic photograph. I shot a series of 8 vertical frames to create this panoramic at Lower Rosseau Falls, which is one of my favourite photographs from 2009.

Travel Photo Contest – Wayne Simpson

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Wayne Simpson

©Wayne Simpson

Last fall I spent about 10 days in Killarney Provincial Park (Northern Ontario). The idea was to spend the 10 days making photographs, but I spent about 9.5 days in the rain! One evening the rain let up for a while so I took the canoe out to attempt some sunset photos – if there was a sunset. All of those days in the rain were suddenly worth it when the clouds turned pink and a rainbow formed in the distance! The world seemed to stand still for those few moments and I still get chills when I think about it. For me, this photo is classically Canadian.

Travel Photo Contest – Connie Miller

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Connie Miller

©Connie Miller

Over the long weekend in May, my family and I travelled to Leamington, Ontario and Point Pelee National Park for a weekend escape. Sunday morning I snuck out early and was first at the park gate when they opened at 6 am. It was my lucky morning as a heavy fog blanketed the park and water and I was just really pleased to be able to capture the peace, stillness and beauty of this national park. A week or so later, this area including Point Pelee National Park, was hit by a devastating tornado which caused massive damage to century old trees, homes and more (thankfully there were not injuries).

The Daily Snap – May 1

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©Darwin Wiggett - Canon G11

Ok, just this last one from Burlington Ontario… just because it snowed here in Alberta two days ago and we got 12 inches of white stuff! Please spring, please come!

The Daily Snap – April 30

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©Darwin Wiggett - Canon G11

This is the last post I’ll make from the Burlington, Ontario photo shoots. The great thing about the G11 is the flip screen. To get this shot I held the camera up way above my head and used the tilt-swivel screen pointed downwards to help me make a composition that I liked.