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Fabulous Film Friday – July 8, 2011

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©Darwin Wiggett

I have yet to develop film that I took last week so for this Fabulous Film Friday, I am pulling an image from the archive. I photographed these two ‘animal actors’ (dogs trained for the movies) with my Canon EOS-1n and a 15mm fisheye lens about 10 years ago. The Border Collie was trained to hold things on his nose and would do so for hours given the right motivation. The animal training is right behind me holding pieces of wieners for the dogs (the right motivation). Both of these dogs love wieners, just check out the excitement in their eyes! An overcast sky acts as a big bright soft box to perfectly illuminate the dogs.

Inspirations – Paul Walker

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© Paul Walker


Nikon D3 38 mm f/8 @ 1/1250 seconds ISO 640

The ball was the only object that would unite the individual characters of this pack and the owner threw the ball out of sight over the ridge of the hill.  I really wanted an action shot of all dogs and this was the way that it was achievable by them taking an interest in the one object of shared interest. ~Paul Walker

The Daily Snap – May 29

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©Darwin Wiggett - Canon G11

I usually shoot with the G11 on aperture priority with me picking the focus point–this strategy works great for landscape photography. But for fast action when shooting people or animals I just put the G11 on full auto mode. The camera has face recognition and biases focus and exposure for faces. It even works on dog’s faces as this photo shows. Auto does all the technical work, I just concentrate on catching the moment. Sure wish my $8000 Mark III had the same capabilities as the G11!

The Daily Snap – March 15

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©Darwin Wiggett

Brando, the motivator behind the Daily Snap – without him I would not get out as much to make snapshots. Thanks to my furry companion for all the great company on our daily walks.