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Travel Photo Contest – Let the Judging Begin!

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Thanks to all of those who entered the June through August LLTL Travel Photo contest. There were 105 entries in all. Our judge, David duChemin will have a hell of time picking a winner from these fine images. David is on the road at the moment and so it make take a few weeks before we get the final results but the wait will be worth it. Stay tuned!

©Darwin Wiggett

The Winner of the Bar-U Photo Walk

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For those who were wondering which photo was chosen from our Bar-U Historic Ranch Photo walk well the winner is Chris Martin for the image below which we thought best captured the mood and the feel of the place.

©Chris Martin

For those who want to see lots of great photos from the walk check out the Bar-U Flickr Group. And if you want to see loads and loads of photos from the Worldwide Photo Walk check out The Worldwide Flickr group.

Travel Photo Contest – P. Legg

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P. Legg

©P. Legg

Traveling around New Zealand is an incredible journey. There are so many surprises packed into so many places your shutter finger rarely rests! After seeing the fiordlands which receive up to 7 meters of rain annually we had driven back to the eastern side of the South Island where the weather settled into a relaxed rhythm. It was at Moeraki we decided to overnight and had walked out to the boulders that are naturally eroding out of the hillside. As the world woke up this was the sunrise to greet us.

Travel Photo Contest – Yegor Korzh

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Yegor Korzh

©Yegor Korzh

According to the Maori legend these boulders are vegetables (gourds, kumaras and calabashes) washed ashore from Arai-te-uru, a large sailing canoe that was wrecked nearby on its voyage for the precious greenstone thousands years ago and this fits well with other Maori legends in terms that everything was gigantic in those ancient ages.

Travel Photo Contest – Bill Speaks

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Bill Speaks

©Bill Speaks

Located on the Navajo Reservation east of Tuba City, AZ., Coal Mine Canyon is like a mini-Bryce – without the crowds. Over the course of several days of hiking and visiting rock art and archeology sites in the area, I repeatedly returned to the canyon hoping to get a sunrise or sunset shot. Returning from Tuba City to the Hopi Lands of the Third Mesa one evening, my wife and I stopped to have a picnic and enjoy the quiet and beauty of the canyon. As sunset neared, a storm formed near the mouth of the canyon. Seeing the opportunity to use my Lightning Trigger, I quickly setup the composition anticipating that lightning would occur at the front of the storm. One of several strikes captured, the photo captures the wildness, beauty and mystical nature of the American Southwest. Even more importantly, I was able to share the experience with the love of my life. Tech Stuff (sorta): 1/4th sec, f11, Canon 20mm, Lightning Trigger, Luck and some foolishness

Travel Photo Contest – Ray Chong

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Ray Chong

©Ray Chong

It all started off innocently with the purchase of a travel magazine; my weakness is the-path-less-traveled feature, particularly if it involves a coastal destination. One thing led to another and two months after that fateful day, I found myself in Sihanoukville (Cambodia), on the Gulf of Thailand. I made this image at the Ream National Park, on the outskirts of Sihanoukville. At the time that the area was designated a national park (some 17 years ago), several hundred fisher families called the river and estuary home. Today, a sturdy few remain, surviving on whatever the sea and land provide. In a country barely starting to recover from the devastation of the Khmer Rouge, life is, needless to say, a struggle. Yet wherever we went, this was typical of the kind of welcome that we received.

Travel Photo Contest – Jim Dobie

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Jim Dobie

©Jim Dobie

This photo was taken in Paris during the summer of 2006. We had stopped for lunch and while my wife was planning the afternoon’s activities I noticed this rather casual collection of building materials serving duty as the weather protection system atop this clunker of a building. It’s a roofing contractors nightmare and no less of one for the people living beneath I would imagine. No doubt there are many hours spent emptying the buckets when it rains. Or maybe no one worries to much about it, opting instead to just have another glass of wine as the puddles deepen – Parisians can be like that and I find it rather charming.

Travel Photo Contest – Brad Mangas

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Brad Mangas

©Brad Mangas

Gateway Arch, St. Louis Missouri.

The Gateway Arch, also known as the Gateway to the West, is part of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial in St. Louis, Missouri. Built as a monument to the westward expansion of the United States, it has become the city’s iconic image.

Canon Xti,18-55mm, f/8, 30.0

Travel Photo Contest – Hayley Pankhurst

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Hayley Pankhurst

©Hayley Pankhurst

Friends and I recently did a 6 day roadtrip from Toronto to Martha’s Vineyard. With such short time, the priority was to make the most of the beaming sun, golden sands and warm blue seas. On the mainland, waiting for the boat to come in to take us across to the island, we enjoyed a cold beer and browsed the local newspaper, front page…”Great White shark spotted off Cape coast”. Quite a distance from where we will be, so all’s good. Little did we know until we spoke to locals once we arrived, it was the 24th Annual Monster Shark tournament the following day. This photo was taken after a day of cycling the islands coast, the water was so refreshing on our toes but we weren’t as brave as some!

Travel Photo Contest – Robert Ardinger

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Robert Ardinger

©Robert Ardinger

Deranged penguin, Antarctica, 2005. It was cold, snowing and I was lying in penguin poop (deranged photographer?). I learned that to get nice clean pictures of penguins it worked well to photograph them as they came up from the water (they tend to mark their nests and fellow penguins with jets of pink poop). I found a spot that was close to where their trail was, got comfy and waited for them to walk by. Nikon DX camera, 340mm (zoom and teleconverter).