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Lee Holder vs Cokin Z-Pro Holder

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If you have a full frame camera and plan to use and combine filters for your photography then you’ll likely want a filter holder. The two primary options are:

The Lee Holder – available in the USA at B+H photo and in Canada from The Camera Store

The Cokin Z-Pro Holder – available in the USA at B+H photo and in Canada from The Camera Store

To learn which holder I think is more practical watch this video:

Now the only problem is that the future of Cokin filters is up in the air – there may or may not be new product made, so buy your Cokin holders while you can just in case… and even if you don’t use them someone out there will want to buy your filter holders.

For more on filters see these links:

Essential Filters for Digital Nature Photography

Advanced Filters for Digital Nature Photography

©Darwin Wiggett - no filters

©Darwin Wiggett - Singh-Ray LB Warming Poalrizer and Singh-Ray 2-stop hard-edge grad filter


Upcoming Camera Store Seminars

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Samantha and I are doing three seminars for The Camera Store in Calgary, Alberta. Below are the dates and the topics we are covering – click on the titles for more information:

The Complete Photo – Sat April 16, 1-3 PM

In this 2-hour seminar, Darwin and Samantha will show you how they approach a scene, distill the scene to the essence of the subject matter, and finally edit and process the resulting images. Darwin and Samantha will explain how to develop your personal style and creativity and will explain how to determine what images are worth keeping. Learn how personal vision affects how they choose their subject and how they portray and present that subject to their viewers.

Basic & Advanced Filters for Creative Digital Nature Photography – May 28, 2011, 1:30-3:30 PM

Think there’s no place for filters with digital nature photography? Think again! Discover which four filters are an essential component of every nature shooter’s photographic arsenal.

Capitalize on the benefits of filters and learn how to create evocative imagery while saving time in post-production. You will also find out which filters deliver effects that can’t be replicated in software no matter how talented you are behind the computer. Learn advanced techniques using multiple filters and add polish to your in-camera captures. And finally, learn how to build a filter system that will grow with you, no matter what gear you use.

There will be filters and filter systems on hand for you test out for yourself. Come and see why filters are critical tools even in the age of HDR and complex software processing.

The Tilt-Shift Lens Advantage for Outdoor and Nature Photographers – June 11, 1-4 PM

Discover why Tilt-Shift Lenses are the hottest lenses in nature and landscape photography. With Tilt-Shift lenses, dSLR photographers gain all the advantages of lens movements so important in large format landscape photography. Learn the benefits of tilting for precise control over depth-of-field and shifting for awesome perspective correction. See how Tilt-Shift lenses can open up the world of panoramic and stitched image photography without need for specialized accessories. Darwin and Samantha explore how Tilt-Shift lenses can be used creatively in the quest for the perfect nature photograph. Spend one hour in the classroom learning the theory and practical applications and two hours in the streets of Calgary exploring the use of Tilt-Shift lenses in real word scenarios. A limited number of Canon and Nikon Tilt-Shift lenses will be on hand to try out. Sign up early; space is limited.


©Darwin Wiggett

B+H has the Cokin Z-Holder in Stock

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Many people have asked me where to get the Cokin Z-Pro holder to use on full-frame cameras to hold filters. In Canada I usually send people to The Camera Store but they are presently out of stock. I just found out that B+H photo in New York has gotten a fresh shipment of Z-Pro holders in ($60) so head over there if you want one for Christmas.  Don’t forget to buy the correct adapter ring for all your lenses. And if you want to know exactly what filters we use and recommend for digital nature photography be sure to check out our new eBook on Essential Filters for Digital Nature Photography.

Cokin Z-Pro holder on the left, Cokin P-series holder on the right


Review of Singh-Ray’s Vari-N-Trio Filter

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Over on the Singh-Ray blog I just published an article entitled Singh-Ray’s Trio of Variable Density filters: Which one is Right for You? In this article I show how each of the three variable ND filters perform when shooting the exact same scene. If you ever wondered about which variable ND filter is right for you, then this article will help you decide.

©Darwin Wiggett

The Daily Snap – September 28

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Many photographers do not bother with filters on point-n-shoot camera, but I am a firm believer in filters, especially the polarizing filter which has an effect that can not be replicated exactly in software (especially the polarizer’s effect of removing reflective highlights). Compare the two photos taken below with the Canon G11. The top one was taken with a Singh-Ray LB warming polarizer. Notice the increased colour saturation and especially how reflective glare was eliminated from the path and the yellow leaves in the left foreground. The un-polarized bottom shot is drab by comparison.

©Darwin Wiggett - polarized version

©Darwin Wiggett - no polarizer

Grad Filter Video

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©Darwin Wiggett - No filters used

©Darwin Wiggett - Singh-Ray 2-Stop Hard-Step filter over sky

Unscripted video – can you catch my dyslexia in at least two places? Doh!

The Daily Snap – Jan 26

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©Darwin Wiggett - Canon G11, Singh-Ray Gold-n-Blue polarizer

Often when I am out photographing on a cloudy day I will use the Singh-Ray Gold-n-Blue polarizer to add a little colour to an otherwise drab scene.  I liked how the filter painted yellows and blues into the water in this scene from the Elbow River in Kananaskis. For comparison purposes below is the same image shot with a Singh-Ray LB Polarizer and then with no filters. For more about how to use the Gold-n-Blue polarizer go to this link.

©Darwin Wiggett - Canon G11 and Singh-Ray LB Warming Polarizer

©Darwin Wiggett - Canon G11, no filters used

Seven Rules for Effectively Using a Polarizer

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I am surprised by how little most nature and landscape photographers use a polarizer. I use one on almost every image I make. Not everyone knows how many uses a polarizer has and how effective the filter can be to give you better digital captures. To help make things easier for people to remember when to use a polarizer I put together a little instructional piece called “Seven Rules for Effectively Using a Polarizer” that has just been published over on the Singh-Ray Filter Blog.

no polarizer - top image: with polarizer - bottom image