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Travel Photo Contest – Nikki Harris

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Nikki Harris

©Nikki Harris

I took this photo while travelling around the world for 9 months. This one was taken at a zoo in Yogyakarta, Indonesia / Java. It was a single chimpanzee in a small cage. The monkey looked so sad and isolated. This place was one of the saddest places I visited. Once he tried to grap or touch me – and thats the photo about. It still touches me.


The Daily Snap – June 27

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©Darwin Wiggett - Canon G11

An old farm we photographed in Saskatchewan. We made sure we had the landowner’s permission to photograph private property.

The Daily Snap – June 23

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©Darwin Wiggett - Canon G11

On June 18 as part of our Extreme Saskatchewan tour we decided to have lunch in Maple Creek Saskatchewan. When we finished lunch this was the scene that greeted us! That is my vehicle in the foreground. We quickly moved the cars, took a few shots but in a few minutes the street turned into a fast rising river and flooded the town. We got out of town just in time. To see more shots from one of our participants go here.