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Posted in Good News, Magazines, Marketing, Sad News with tags , , , on June 4, 2009 by Darwin

There will be lots of new stuff posted here shortly including promised gear and book reviews and some how to stuff and other goodies. For now here is a list of news and links that might be of interest:

Orton Effect

For a podcast interview with Michael Orton and yours truly about the Orton Effect  please visit the Blog. You can also download for free my Orton Photoshop Actions there.

Real World Negotiating Skills for Photographers

This video so much reminds me of how photo buyers constantly try to get photos from us for far less than the images are worth.

New Timecatcher Team Members

If you haven’t visited Timecatchers in awhile you’ll be in for a pleasant surpise that the team has added three outstanding photographers, Micheal Anderson, Kah Kit Yoong, and Adam Gibbs.  All three photographers have amazing portfolios and I have had the honour to photograph with both Kah Kit and Adam. It is one thing to be a great photographer, but another to be a great human. Kah Kit and Adam are two of the nicest and honorable guys I have met! Welcome to the team all three of you. And stay tuned for the next issue of Nature’s Best Magazine, two Timecatcher Members won prizes in the 2009 Ocean’s View Photo contest. 

Photo Life Magazine

I was surprised when I opened the latest issue of Photo Life magazine to see that Anita Dammer is no longer editor. I may be biased here but I think Anita did more than any other previous editor to give Photo Life a distinct voice and flavour. She worked tirelessly on making Photo Life a premiere photo magazine and its influence is now known far beyond the Canadian border. Anita, job well done! Best of luck in your future endevours.