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Fabulous Film Fridays – December 9, 2011

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Here are three Holga shots from Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park near Cochrane, Alberta. IF you want to learn more about the park and all of its winter possibilities for photographers be sure to sign up for our Twoonie Talk (2 dollars to get in) on Jan 21, 2012 in Cochrane – for more information please see here.

©Darwin Wiggett - Kodak Portra 160

©Darwin Wiggett - Kodak Portra 160

©Darwin Wiggett - Kodak Portra 160


Upcoming Camera Store Seminars

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Samantha and I are doing three seminars for The Camera Store in Calgary, Alberta. Below are the dates and the topics we are covering – click on the titles for more information:

The Complete Photo – Sat April 16, 1-3 PM

In this 2-hour seminar, Darwin and Samantha will show you how they approach a scene, distill the scene to the essence of the subject matter, and finally edit and process the resulting images. Darwin and Samantha will explain how to develop your personal style and creativity and will explain how to determine what images are worth keeping. Learn how personal vision affects how they choose their subject and how they portray and present that subject to their viewers.

Basic & Advanced Filters for Creative Digital Nature Photography – May 28, 2011, 1:30-3:30 PM

Think there’s no place for filters with digital nature photography? Think again! Discover which four filters are an essential component of every nature shooter’s photographic arsenal.

Capitalize on the benefits of filters and learn how to create evocative imagery while saving time in post-production. You will also find out which filters deliver effects that can’t be replicated in software no matter how talented you are behind the computer. Learn advanced techniques using multiple filters and add polish to your in-camera captures. And finally, learn how to build a filter system that will grow with you, no matter what gear you use.

There will be filters and filter systems on hand for you test out for yourself. Come and see why filters are critical tools even in the age of HDR and complex software processing.

The Tilt-Shift Lens Advantage for Outdoor and Nature Photographers – June 11, 1-4 PM

Discover why Tilt-Shift Lenses are the hottest lenses in nature and landscape photography. With Tilt-Shift lenses, dSLR photographers gain all the advantages of lens movements so important in large format landscape photography. Learn the benefits of tilting for precise control over depth-of-field and shifting for awesome perspective correction. See how Tilt-Shift lenses can open up the world of panoramic and stitched image photography without need for specialized accessories. Darwin and Samantha explore how Tilt-Shift lenses can be used creatively in the quest for the perfect nature photograph. Spend one hour in the classroom learning the theory and practical applications and two hours in the streets of Calgary exploring the use of Tilt-Shift lenses in real word scenarios. A limited number of Canon and Nikon Tilt-Shift lenses will be on hand to try out. Sign up early; space is limited.


©Darwin Wiggett

How to Photograph the Canadian Rockies Website is now Live

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Note: To see all future ebook releases, please visit us over at

After a few months of work and planning I am happy to announce that my new website How to Photograph the Canadian Rockies is now alive and kicking. The site is based on my best-selling book of the same name which is now out of print and way over-priced on the used book market (prices will now drop because the eBooks have much more information than the original book). I am launching the new site starting with two eBooks both covering the Icefields Parkway; but in different seasons. Ultimately I will feature eBooks on all the national and provincial parks in the Canadian Rockies.

Each eBook is designed to get you to the most photogenic places in the Canadian Rockies in the best light and the right season. These eBooks are fully updated with new information and contain new locations, GPS data, and tips and techniques for each stop. All the iconic spots are included but I have also included lesser known but stunning ‘secret stops’ as well. This is going to sound like ad copy but if you plan to visit the Canadian Rockies these eBooks are  “must-have” companion photographic travel guide. The original book was highly regarded and got great reviews; the eBooks are even better in my opinion. Drop by the new website and check things out!

I want to thank Stephen Desroches for his amazing talents at design. Not only did he do a stunning job on the eBooks, he also built and designed the website. I am humbled by Stephen’s skills, attitude and professionalism. Thanks Stephen for a job above and beyond!


Interview with the Visual Wilderness Team

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Check out this interview with the Visual Wilderness team. Want to learn what makes us tick, and how we got together and what we do? Of course, some secrets are revealed (like my special fitness program) 😉

The Visual Wilderness Team

Visual Wilderness – The American Landscape Photo Contest Winners

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Check out the winners of this month’s photo contest over at Visual Wilderness on the theme of the American Landscape. I love the winning image!

Stay tuned for the next Visual Wilderness contest to begin April 1st (no fooling!) on the Canadian Landscape. There will be great prizes as always. And once you’re over at Visual Wilderness check out the new eBook by Jay and Varina: The Workflow Series: Mountains.

For my Alberta friends, stay warm, the deep freeze should end soon!

©Darwin Wiggett

Keeping Your Hands Warm for Winter Photography

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One of the most common questions I get about winter photography is how I keep my hands warm for winter shooting. The video below shows my solution. It ain’t pretty nor fashionable but it works for me. If you wish to share your own solution feel free to add your comments below to help those first-time winter photographers. BTW the temperatures I mention in the video are in Celsius.

And for those wanting inspiration on why you should go out in the winter check out my Winter in the Canadian Rockies eBook for purty snaps and lots of practical information on how to prepare for winter photography.

Inspirations – Kevin McElheran

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Check out this awesome photo by Kevin McElheran of the recent eclipse. Kevin has been doing some amazing night photography and light-painting.  Go check out his night photography and light-painting gallery and see why I absolutely love his unique style and vision–you’ll be blown away! This is one guy to watch–he is taking night photography to the next level. Kevin always does really well in the photo contests hosted here and over at Visual Wilderness (hurry, deadline to enter is Dec 31 at midnight eastern time). If you want to learn the basics of light-painting go here. Below the photo is Kevin’s description of how he made the photo.

©Kevin McElheran


The Painful Stuff: It was stupid cold and I didn’t have gloves with me(!!) which equaled frozen fingers @ 15 seconds holding the remote cable. My eyes watered up, then my eye lashes froze into little icicles, which fogged up my glasses leaving me unable to see and fingers too far gone to wipe my glasses clean. After getting this shot, it was all I could do to grab the tripod and run blindly for the car which had the heater running…(my next problem).

Entering that nice hot climate of the interior of my car sent pain so terrible into my fingers I would have preferred slaming them in the car door so I just sat there, all alone, crying and whinning trying to believe it was worth it!

The Other Technical Info: 5dMII, 24 – 70 2.8, ISO 3200, 15 seconds, remote cable, full lunar eclipse.


New eBooks from Samantha Chrysanthou

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Photographing Intimate Landscapes

‘Elegant’, ‘balanced’, ‘thoughtful’, ‘solemn’…these adjectives have often been used to describe the intimate landscape. A style of imagery that exists somewhere between the world of macro and the grand scenic, intimate landscapes demand insightful vision and an advanced talent at arranging the details within a composition. Samantha shares some of her favourite examples of this unique form of photography and delves into what makes a successful intimate landscape. If you are inspired by the finer details in nature, then you are sure to glean new skills as you journey with Samantha into the beautiful world of creating the intimate landscape photograph. Cost $4.95 at Visual Wilderness.

The Li’l eBook of Trees

Enter the wonderful world of trees! Filled with some of Samantha’s favourite images of trees made over the last several years, this eBook takes you on a whimsical journey that is at times solemn and at times joy-filled but always revealing in the ways which the study of trees tells us more about ourselves. Free at Visual Wilderness.


Some Tidbits on Tilt Shifts

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Many of you know I am a big fan and user of Tilt Shift lenses where I use shift to help control perspective and to make panorama images. But mostly I use tilt to control depth-of-field independent of aperture. I love being able to use tilt to get subjects in focus from mere inches in front of the lens all the way to infinity (like in the image below). If you want to learn more about why I use tilt shift lenses and how they work go listen to  this podcast with yours truly over at I highly recommend the podcasts at (not because I am interviewed–it must have been a slow week!) but because there are some really high profile photographers interviewed with insightful commentary (e.g. check out this podcast)

Also related to tilt shift lenses but you can do it with regular lenses is a technique that Samantha and I call Sky Stitches. We wrote about this previously in Popular Photography but now the article is on the web over at PhotoRepublik. See if this is a technique that will work for your photos.

And lastly if you missed the video I made showing how I use the shift function on the tilt shift lens to make ‘stitches’ you can see it at this link.

©Darwin Wiggett

Mount William Booth and the North Saskatchewan River at Kootenay Plains, Alberta. Canon EOS-1ds Mark III, Canon TS-E 24mm f3.5L lens.