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Secrets about Varina Patel

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Samantha has done some deep investigative reporting and has come up with some dirt on Varina Patel (famed photographer, mother to Jay Patel… ūüėČ and six children).

Check out this blog post to learn more.

Speaking of Varina and Jay Patel check out their wonderful FREE new eBook on Photo workshops… it shows just how much fun you can have if you spend some time with Varina and Jay.


The Grand Prairie Photography Club – Part III

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Below are five more assignment photos from the Grand Prairie Photography Club. Part I was posted on this blog 2 days ago and Part II was posted on Sam’s blog yesterday. Here are today’s photos.

Photo by Michele

Photo by Darrel

Photo by Eleanor

Photo by Janice

Photo by Andrea

The Daily Snap – April 16

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©Darwin Wiggett

Speaking of seminars, if you want to improve your photography and spend some time in the mountains with Sam (she is just so cute… and smart) then make sure you sign up for the SNAP! Photography Seminar; Mastering Digital Nature Photography from Capture to Commerce in Canmore Alberta, April 24 and 25th. This is not hype or hyperbole, this thing is almost sold out… we have less than¬†10 spots left as of this morning–so act now–well you know the rest….

The Daily Snap – April 15

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©Darwin Wiggett - Canon G11

Today I am off to Burlington Ontario for the Latow Photographers Guild¬†Photography Seminar¬†2010 where I am giving a full day presentation on Field Techniques for Mastering Creative Nature and Outdoor Photography. I am looking forward to meeting a great gang of photographers and spending some time in the field with those signed up the field tour. What camera am I taking? Well just the Canon G11. It does everything a DSLR does but in a small package. It is a great camera to teach¬†with because I can make fine images with it and reinforce the idea that great photos can be made with any camera–gear matters little; vision matters most.¬†