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The Daily Snap – October 24

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©Darwin Wiggett


For those who have not upgraded or tried Photomatix 4.0, I highly recommend it because the program has improved significantly. The image above is and HDR photo (made from three different exposures with the Canon G11) and processed using Photomatix’s Exposure Fusion. I much prefer Exposure Fusion over the Tonemapping function in Photomatix because the former gives me realistic looking HDR’s which I prefer over the cartoonish HDR results of the latter.

The Daily Snap – July 19

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©Darwin Wiggett

This ‘contraption’ is located in Hazelton BC. Although it was crappy light I thought I better make a snap of it anyway. I did a three exposure bracket at 0, -2, and +2 and then blended it with Exposure Fusion in Photomatix. Of course I used my Singh-Ray LB warming polarizer to help remove reflective highlights and saturate colours

Weekly Photo – July 2

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Because of the holiday long weekend I forgot to post a weekly photo for last week so here it is this week a few days late! You know,  photographer’s should get vacations like everyone else but we always seem to be processing images or sending out invoices or doing taxes or fighting to get our six month overdue invoices paid… we seem less and less to be able to actually make photos but I digress.

The photo below was made on the Extreme Saskatchewan tour. I used a Rebel T2i (test camera) with the new Sigma 8-16mm. This image was made by blending 5 different exposures using Exposure Fusion in Photomatix.To read more about how exposure fusion differs from HDR read this.

©Darwin Wiggett

The Daily Snap – May 28

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©Darwin Wiggett - Canon G11

Obviously this is a ‘grunge’ HDR made by merging 3 exposures (meter, +2 and -2 EV) in Photomatix software. I love the fact that the G11 has a great auto-bracket feature so I can make HDR’s even with a point-n-shoot. Is there anything this camera can’t do? This one was taken on the field outing with the Edson Camera Club.