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Fun with Sam and Darwin

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As you know Samantha and I have been having fun with our Holgas, Beep and Bop for our Fabulous Film Fridays project and we have just been interviewed by the very popular Holga Blog website. To read more about what we are doing with our Holgas just head on over and read the interview. And while you’re there check out how much fun you can have a Holga and some film by looking around the site which has news, reviews, tips and tutorials, a buyer’s guide and competitions. Holga Blog is a great resource for Holga-oligans! The Holga Blog is generously donating a special Holga prize for those of you coming to the Holga Hustle on May 7 (there is still lots of room if you are interested!). And come check out our cool Holga prints (on a funky print substrate) while you’re at the Holga Hustle. These prints have been made especially for us by our friends at the Holga Blog!

©Darwin Wiggett - shot with a Holga and Ilford XP-2 film


The World’s Most Popular Camera – the iPhone?

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I am so behind the times. I have a cell phone but I never use it (no it isn’t an iPhone;  it’s old, and heavy and still has a rotary dial  and a cord that plugs into a phone jack 😉

I have never sent a text message in my life — I don’t know how. Besides when I leave the office I do not want to be connected to the net or to anyone really; I just want to immerse myself in nature. Plus everywhere I like to go there is no cell coverage, so what is the point of a phone?

But everybody I know has an iPhone, an iPad, and an iDog and an app that walks the iDog. I feel left out.

I was surprised to learn that the iPhone is the most popular camera on earth. What the heck, I thought it was a phone not a camera! For those who love the iPhone check out the geekaphone blog links below — interesting stuff!

Six Articles on the iPhone Photography Series:

Fabulous Film Fridays – March 25

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This week Samantha is hosting Fabulous Film Fridays over at her blog. Check out her comparisons of cityscapes she took with Beep her Holga versus images she made with the Canon G11. She makes the point that as artists we should know our tools and select the appropriate one to create the mood we want in our images. The Holga and the G11 are very different paintbrushes and the images painted with these brushes are as varied as the artists William Turner and Robert Bateman.

Speaking of brushes, I made the image below with Gail, a Fuji GA645 medium format ‘point-n-shoot’ film camera using Fujicolor Reala  100 ISO print film. The cool thing about this camera is that when shot in tight on a subject and when using an aperture of f4, you get a nice thin slice of focus (f4 on medium format gives a way smaller slice of focus than f4 on a dSLR). The larger the film or sensor on a camera, the smaller the slice of focus at a given aperture.

©Darwin Wiggett - Old car, Kootenay Plains, Alberta

March Photo Tour Results – Alan Barrett

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Below are Alan’s images from the March Photo tour all shot with the Canon G11 point-n-shoot camera. Alan’s images from the February Tour are posted here. Be sure to visit Alan’s website as well.

©Alan Barrett
©Alan Barrett
©Alan Barrett


©Alan Barrett

©Alan Barrett

©Alan Barrett

Fabulous Film Fridays – March 18, 2011

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On the January Winter tour we visited Nordegg, Alberta to make images of the historic downtown. For that shoot I grabbed Linny, the Linhof 6×12 panorama camera and Gail, the Fuji GA-645 medium format point-n-shoot and walked about snapping a few photos. Here are five of the resulting images:

©Darwin Wiggett

The image above was with the Linhof using Fujichrome Velvia 50 slide film. The image shows the punch and saturation familiar to those who know Velvia.

©Darwin Wiggett

©Darwin Wiggett

©Darwin Wiggett

©Darwin Wiggett

The four photos above were all shot with the Fuji GA-645 and Fujichrome Reala 100 print film. Reala has a softer palette than Velvia and a wider tonal range. All the photos shots with Gail were hand-held.

The Perfect Little Camera Bag for Canon G-series Cameras

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Anyone who owns a Canon G-series camera (e.g. G9, G10, G11, or G12) knows that we are not talking about a camera that will fit in your pocket (unless you’re a kangaroo and have a pouch sized pocket). And readers of this blog know that I like to take my Canon G11 almost everywhere with me. Therein lies a major frustration; how do you carry a G-series camera around so you have quick access to it and yet it does not become a huge pain in the neck or a giant bulge in your pocket? Plus there are times you may just want to have the camera hidden from view.

Sometimes I let the camera dangle from my neck (conspicuous and the camera is always annoyingly flapping around). Sometimes I have stuffed the camera in a day pack (access is slow). I have also tried a small belt pouch (again slow access and I need to remember to wear a belt). In short I have never had an functional solution… until now.

Black Rapid (makers of camera straps) have introduced an innovative 3-in-1 camera bag/sling strap/hands strap system for G-sized point-n-shoots that I really think is perfect. The SNAPR is a great solution that lets me get to the camera quickly, that keeps the camera safe and protected and that is a bit styling (hey, you all know how hip and stylish I am).

Watch the video and see how it works (plus they sure know how to pick good-looking models for their videos!) 😉

BTW, I am not getting paid nor am I affiliated with Black Rapid, I just think the product is cool and useful and thought I would pass on the info. Cost is about $40-50 depending on where you buy. Of course I buy most everything from The Camera Store in Calgary

Weekly Photo – February 15, 2011

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Technically, I am supposed to post a weekly photo every Monday, but yesterday was Valentines Day and so it was a day off from the office for obvious reasons. By the way, I happened to have my best Valentines Day ever. Wow! But I can’t really talk about that 😉

Anyway, I am posting the weekly photo here today. On my photo tours I ask participants to post their six best images from the trip to showcase their work. In the past, I never posted my own photos but I have had a number of requests to do so. Below are my six favorites from the January 2011 Winter Photo Tour. If anyone is interested we just happened to have a last minute cancellation for the March 2-6, 2011 Winter Photo Tour. Contact Alan at the Aurum Lodge at to book this last spot (it will likely go fast so hurry if you are interested).

©Darwin Wiggett

Abraham Lake at Preacher’s Point, Canon EOS-1ds Mark III, Canon TS-E 17mm lens, 1/50th at f10.


©Darwin Wiggett

A lucky sunset at Preacher’s Point from the evening before the tour started. Canon EOS-1ds Mark III, Canon TS-E 17mm lens, 1/8 th at f10.

©Darwin Wiggett

Snowshoe path at Mistaya Canyon, Canon Rebel T2i, Canon 17mm TS-E, 1/50th at f11

©Darwin Wiggett

Mistaya Canyon, Banff National Park, Canon EOS-1ds Mark III, Canon TS-E 17mm lens, 1/60th at f8. Notice the three little photographers at the top of the frame.

©Darwin Wiggett

Salt-stained road (Highway 11). Canon G11, 1/30th at f4 (hand-held).

©Darwin Wiggett

Ice detail on Abraham Lake, Canon G11, 1/50th at 6.3