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Harvest Moon Photo Workshop

Posted in Good News, Techniques, Workshops and Seminars with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , on August 30, 2010 by Darwin

The most common comment I get from photographers is that they want to participate in a workshop that has a winning combination of class time and field time.  Well, we aim to please!

Although technically the harvest moon is in September, we are offering a weekend photo workshop in October (Oct 21-24, 2010) when the moon is in its full glory, and well… we liked the name Harvest Moon (you know, it reminds of us of Neil Young, great music, and iconic landscapes).  I think a tour like this, when it is well done, is the best way to improve your photographic skills in one, concentrated weekend.  There aren’t many of these kinds of workshops in Alberta with a landscape focus, and especially not many with 3 pro photographers at your beck and call.

So apart from its uniqueness, what else is so special about this workshop? Check out these three reasons below:

  1. Three awesome instructors! No, this is not hype — I have seen both John Marriott and Samantha Chrysanthou in action teaching and they are really fine instructors. As far as yours truly… well at least I’m good company in the bar after the photo shoots ;-).
  2. We want you to master the craft of photography, plain and simple. To do this, we give you in-depth classroom instruction (5 hours) and then you get three pros on hand to help you one-on-one in the field (for nearly 20 hours of shooting time) and  in some of the most stunning scenery in western Canada (Banff National Park in Alberta).
  3. We cover topics such as How the Pros Approach a Scene, Mastering  Composition and Design, Light Painting and Night Photography, The Artful Critique, professional critiques of your images and lots of help in the field. And of course we can address any questions you have in the field from filter use to picking the right aperture to how to use live view. Got a problem area with technique? Let us help you find the solution!
  4. You get to stay in one of the nicest lodges in the Canadian Rockies (Baker Creek Chalets) and the price includes all meals and accommodations. Plus we have negotiated a killer low spouse rate (in case your non-shooting partner wants to come and hang out in the lodge — easier to convince them to let you go if they get to have a vacation at the same time!). See, we thought of everything!

So, if you want to take your photography to the next level and be inspired by great scenery and good company in a fine lodge atmosphere, then this workshop might be for you. For more information and instructions on how to register, check out our detailed PDF But don’t delay!  We are only taking registrations until September 15, 2010 and of course the number of registrants is limited. And note there are some nice prizes for early registrations!

And finally for a wee taste of some of the stuff we plan to cover in the workshop  see this article by Sam and me on  Simple Light Painting Techniques.

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