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The Weekly Photo and Two New eBook Releases

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Below is an image taken during the spring of 2008 at the Columbia Icefields in Jasper National Park that I finally got around to processing.  Yikes, gotta get caught up!

The cool thing is that the longer I wait to process images the more likely I am to delete most of the photos from the shoot. After several years, my objectivity about the images is much higher and I realize that most of the photos I make actually suck! Only those images that are a tad different or say something that I haven’t said before are likely to survive the ‘aged’ editing process.

The image below was one of the few survivors. I took this image with my Canon EOS-1ds Mark III and a Canon 24mm TS-E lens (the original version). I liked the grungy look and enhanced that look by converting the image to a textured black-n-white (and then toned blue) with Silver Efex Pro 2. Any one interested in buying this software (which I am a huge fan of) can get 15% off if you use the code darwin on checkout.

©Darwin Wiggett

Speaking of the parks and the mountains and melting glaciers… I am happy to announce two new eBook releases. I have just released my latest eBook over at How to Photograph the Canadian Rockies. This latest book is a big compendium of all the great places to go in Banff National Park – check it out! You’ll need this eBook if you plan a visit to Banff National Park because it directs you to all the best spots in the the right light and in the correct season (over 50 locations are discussed).

And if that isn’t exciting news, then this is; my good friend and Canada’s best wildlife photographer, John Marriott has  written an eBook for all of us Canadian Rockies fans. Check out The Icefields Parkway: Wildlife Edition

Here is more good news. I am offering a 20% discount on these $10 eBooks if you buy 2 or more eBooks by June 7 (midnight MST). Just use the code LLTL on checkout. This is the last time you’ll get this big of a discount. Going forward the standard discount will be 10% but only if you buy 5 or more eBooks.

And finally, if you want to share images you have taken in the Canadian Rockies, be sure to post them to the How to Photograph the Canadian Rockies Flickr group. Why bother? Well, I will be there to comment on your photos and also I will pick out a great photo once a week to feature on the How to Photograph the Canadian Rockies website!

Finally thanks to Stephen Desroches for his amazing hard work designing these eBooks and building the website and of course thanks to Samantha for her great editing job and moron (oops… I mean moral) support. Happy shooting!


How to Photograph the Canadian Rockies Website is now Live

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Note: To see all future ebook releases, please visit us over at

After a few months of work and planning I am happy to announce that my new website How to Photograph the Canadian Rockies is now alive and kicking. The site is based on my best-selling book of the same name which is now out of print and way over-priced on the used book market (prices will now drop because the eBooks have much more information than the original book). I am launching the new site starting with two eBooks both covering the Icefields Parkway; but in different seasons. Ultimately I will feature eBooks on all the national and provincial parks in the Canadian Rockies.

Each eBook is designed to get you to the most photogenic places in the Canadian Rockies in the best light and the right season. These eBooks are fully updated with new information and contain new locations, GPS data, and tips and techniques for each stop. All the iconic spots are included but I have also included lesser known but stunning ‘secret stops’ as well. This is going to sound like ad copy but if you plan to visit the Canadian Rockies these eBooks are  “must-have” companion photographic travel guide. The original book was highly regarded and got great reviews; the eBooks are even better in my opinion. Drop by the new website and check things out!

I want to thank Stephen Desroches for his amazing talents at design. Not only did he do a stunning job on the eBooks, he also built and designed the website. I am humbled by Stephen’s skills, attitude and professionalism. Thanks Stephen for a job above and beyond!