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Weekly Photo – July 11

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©Darwin Wiggett

This photo is from Saskatchewan. Here I used the shift feature on my Canon 90mm tilt-shift Lens. First I set the lens to the zero shift position and took a photo to determine proper exposure. Then I set my camera to manual at that exposure (10 seconds at f14). The reason I went to manual exposure is that when you shift the lens left and right shifting causes the light meter in the camera to give improper exposure (underexposed in one direction, overexposed in the other). Then I simply shifted the lens to the left until I got what I wanted on the left side of the photo, then I shifted the lens to the right to get what I wanted in the right side of the composition. The result was blended together in Photoshop’s “Photo Merge” using “reposition”. The two overlapping images fell perfectly into place without any parallax problems. I love using my tilt-shift lens to make panoramic photos and the 90mm lens is great for intimate panos. Click on the photo to see a larger version. The neat thing here is how calm it was. In the 10 second exposure (in dusk light), not a blade of grass moved.